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Guess what he made?

Guess what he made? obviously inevitable with kids. And it has gotten to a point where both Donald and I have closed two eyes for A LOT of things, including cleaning the floor.

But we needed to instill some form of order, or discipline. The boys needed to be responsible for clearing up what they have emptied. I cannot be picking up after them all day long!

And to be honest, I was sick of nagging at them to pick up the toys. And I nag A LOT. Till I got sick of it. I told Donald that I felt bad nagging at them all the time, but the mess was annoying me and I didn’t want to be the one to pick up the toys all the time. They would keep it, if I kept with them. But no fair leh. (haha, since when it was ever fair right?)

excuse the full diaper frontal.

excuse the full diaper frontal.

I made a sign. A sign that said “ONE TOY AT A TIME.” Donald laughed at me. He said yeah right. Hey, Ollie reads. And he reads DAMN WELL. So he better read the sign. I had to explain to him why we don’t pour everything out. He comes up with the lamest excuse like

but I’m soooooooo tired, mummy.’ Hah! Wrong person to pick a fight with, young man. You want to compare who is more tired?? Pffffpt. But yes, I explained why it would be easier to keep the toys if we took out one set at a time. And he tried. He is starting to understand it, and he tries.

Last week, we left the house in a hurry, to my mom’s place. My sister was back for the weekend and we were heading over to my mom’s for dinner (tabao okay, my mom doesn’t cook). The living room floor was in a ridiculous mess. But I left it. Couldn’t be bothered. I would deal with it when I came home later. Yeah right. 

Came home, stared at the mess, and walked away. I really didn’t want to deal with it. Budden hor, got some people came to my place to collect stuff, and made a comment about the mess AGAIN, so I thought, okay, I’ll clear up some of it. Le sigh.

In the mess of train tracks and Duplo, I saw a little city. As I picked up the toys, I saw the airport control tower Ollie had built.

Mummy, come and see this! Can you see what I made?

I saw the Terminal 3 with an underpass, leading to the carpark.

Ollie, you made the control tower, what about the airports? How about Terminal 3? 

I saw aeroplanes in various colours, as I had told him to make.

Ollie, use blue & green for Singapore Airlines, green for Cathay Pacific & red for Qantas. 

I remembered him asking me why there were humps on the tracks. I remembered QT bringing me tracks to help him fix it. I remembered seeing him sit on the floor and hammering the tracks into their slots.

I almost felt bad as I put the toys away. They were the kids’ creations, and they were always very proud of it. QT has recently managed to complete a 24-piece puzzle and he always came to me and said,

Mummy, come here! Hand *reaches out for my hand*! See, didi do! Good job!

He would look so chuffed when we said wow, or exclaimed our surprise.

Maybe I should start looking at this mess differently. Spend some time with them, admiring their little creations before putting them away. They might feel a little better. but hor, still need to clear up!

Cos lao niang gotta mop floor leh….mess or not. haha #cinderellalife

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[SC June’16] to the kids: Your Daddy.

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Dear Oliver, Quentin & Sarah,

It’ll be Father’s Day soon. Instead of me writing a post for your daddy, let me write to you about your daddy. I mean, it is Father’s Day..not Husband’s Day right?

But first, let me tell you a little about my daddy, your kong kong. My daddy nags. ALOT. And says the most inane thing ever.

Like how cold water will make your lungs cold and make your cough worse. And then he offers you potato chips 10 mins later.

Like how that wouldn’t aggravate your cough further eh?

But I know my daddy loves me in his own way. He would not hesitate to pick me up after my outing at 11pm if I should ask him to. He has spent a good few months picking me up from work when it ended at 11.30pm during my high school days.

He always made sure I had enough money.

He does the best back rub too! Haha. And he definitely didn’t hesitate when I said I wanted to go back to Tasmania to do a post grad when I really wanted to go back to spend more time with YOUR daddy.

your daddy's super fail attempt at courting me.

your daddy’s super fail attempt at courting me.

He grumbled for sure. But he signed the dotted line on the telegraphic transfer for the 1st semester of school fees.

That is my daddy.

Now your daddy. He loves me too, almost as much as my daddy. Haha. But it is good enough. And it makes me glad he is your daddy.

Your daddy works hard to provide for us. He wants only the best for you three and more if he could. But because he needs to work, he depends on me to tell him about your growth, milestones and development. Each time I update him about you guys, either via phone or after you have gone to bed, he listens intently. He loved being involved in your lives as much as possible.

twas the midnight after Ollie was born

twas the midnight after Ollie was born

Oliver, when you were born, your daddy couldn’t stop staring at you for the first night. He couldn’t believe that you were his and his to protect and love. You are his first and his favourite and he is fiercely proud of you. Every thing you did and how you progress amazes your daddy.

Clockwise, TL: 1yo, 2yo, 2yo, 3yo

Clockwise, TL: 1yo, 2yo, 2yo, 3yo

QT a few days old

QT a few days old

Quentin, you came 6 weeks too early and you were so vulnerable. Where I couldn’t bond with you, your daddy stepped in. He ferried precious milk to you every day and made sure he spent time with you. He ‘forced’ me to spend some time with you so I could bond and nurse you. He made sure I was emotionally supported so that I could care for you.

Clockwise, TL: 1yo, 1.5yo, 1.5yo, 2yo

Clockwise, TL: 1yo, 1.5yo, 1.5yo, 2yo

Sarah, you are the special one. Your daddy knew that I wanted another child badly and even tho some of the odds are against us, he gave in. It wasn’t easy. He wanted another child too, but he also wanted to make sure he was still able to look after your brothers and I as well. No one would get any less because of your arrival.

But my baby girl to be, you are going to be his princess and he is going to protect you and your heart. Trust me on that. Your daddy has protected my heart, and has been my pillar of strength and support since we got together. You will not get any less than what I have experienced. Maybe even more.

boys collage

Boys, I hope I will raise you to be like your father. Be a gentleman, be respectful of ladies and treat her right. And by treating her right, it doesn’t mean giving in to her whim & fancies. But treating her with due respect that she gives you too.

I hope that I will raise you to love your kids the way your daddy loves you. The way he takes his time to understand you and to talk to you. The way he wants to know everything about you.

I hope I will raise you to love your wives and work together in partnership as your daddy does with me. That we are not just husband and wife but we are soulmates, that we complete each other despite our differences. That you will protect her with all your heart cos she has given her heart to you.

Sarah, I hope you will find a man who loves you almost as much as your daddy loves you. That you will find a man who is like your daddy. That you will find a man who is after your heart and mind.

I hope I will raise you to treat your man right, to give him the credit & love due.

That you will guard his heart as he will guard yours from hurt.

I hope that I will raise you to be independent and that you will learn that your man is not there to serve you but for you to work together with in the different phases of your life.

And I hope you will be able to see him as the father of your child. Sharing every burden and joy as you watch your kids grow.

For these are the very characteristics of your daddy. Some I knew of when I chose to marry him. Some I only knew of after we had you three. Your daddy ages like wine, and it gets better when you hang around with him longer. Of course there are the bitter bits, but those are minor enough to ignore.

Where I cannot be your role model, I hope you will let your daddy be one. ?

Now go say Happy Father’s Day to your daddy.


This month, Singapore’s Child features celebrity daddies like Andie Chen, your every day daddy like Lee Kin Mun, aka Mr Brown, and Minister Tan Chuan Jin. Read on and find out how fatherhood has changed their lives and how they cope with it!

Disclaimer: is the Digital Partner for Singapore’s Child and I received a complimentary issue of the magazine for review purposes. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible. 

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honey-soy roast chicken pasta

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To be honest, this recipe was a fluke. haha. I sorta winged it and threw in what I had in the kitchen. It was one of those days where I felt that, hey, maybe cooking something pretty might make life more cheerful.

And it did. It made me feel a little more accomplished cos some effort was made. But I totally forgot to take a photo of the roast chicken before I used the leftovers for the pasta. ARGH.

But here’s what I did:

4 chicken marylands
brown onion, cut into eighths
1/4 pumpkin, cut into chunks
1/2 punnet of cherry tomatoes
2 sweet potatoes, cut into fries, soaked in water for 15 mins

Basting marinade: well mixed
2 tbsp honey
2 tsp light soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil

1) Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius, convection oven.

2) Coat pumpkin and sweet potato with a light layer of olive oil. Place onions and tomatoes together, with pumpkin and sweet potatoes surrounding it. Place chicken marylands on top of onions and tomatoes.

3) Brush a layer of the marinade on the chicken. Put chicken in oven. Baste chicken with marinade every 15 mins. Should baste it about 3 times after you put chicken in the oven. On the 3rd baste, switch oven to fan forced, and roast for another 15 mins. Leave chicken in oven until ready to serve.

I had 1 maryland leftover, together with some of the roasted veggies. So I made them into a cream based chicken pasta. I saved all the oil/juices from the roast and kept it together with the chicken. I also had some stir fried brocolli with garlic leftover, so I also threw them in together with the chicken in the container

I used:

2 cups of spiral pasta
200ml thickened cream
3 cloves of garlic, chopped
a knob of butter (probably about 20g)
handful of cheese ( 
I used Perfect Italiano’s Perfect Bakes)

1) Cook pasta. Cut brocolli into smaller florets. Peel & shred the chicken off the bone.

2) Melt butter in a pan. Once butter started bubbling/frothing, throw garlic in and stirfry for about 1 min or so. Pour thickened cream in and bring to boil, before simmering.

3) Throw in chicken pieces, roast veggies and brocolli together with the oil/juices. Mix well and make sure it is all thoroughly heated.

4) Turn off the fire, and toss in the cheese and mix well.

It was mad yums and flavourful! All the juices from the roast sweetened the cream and the chicken marylands were still tender. The pumpkin and sweet potato also sweetened the pasta dish.

Two dish in one. Waah..swee. Er, by the way, my ingredients are an estimation of the amount I used, and I am in no way a chef wannabe. But I should think it is close enough to create something palatable enough!

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