post-holiday withdrawal

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starry night.

On our 2nd night home, I asked Donald:Me: Are you having any holiday withdrawal symptoms?
Donald: I am actually.
Me: it actually felt like a really long dream being away, and then I woke up and just jumped right back into normalcy. But I keep thinking about the things we did in Aus.

When the holiday was too damn good, it is really hard to get out of the holiday mood.

I had my reservations before we left. How the kids would be like on the flight, in transit, long car rides and being out there close to nature, less of the touristy stuff.

exploring the tide pool

I worried in vain. I was surprised at how well the kids took to where we went, Oliver’s wide eyed wonder, Quentin being game at trying anything and..Sarah’s ability to eat almost anything hahahaha. They did really really well on the long car rides.

I cannot be more proud of them.

It was awesome being able to share with the kids the places we went to, explore the new areas Donald and I didn’t do when we were in Tasmania, and creating new memories with our family. We were pretty chill on most days except for days where there was a schedule we had to meet like ferry and tour timings. We didn’t really sweat about not being able to go to certain places, or switching the itinerary around cos of weather. The familiarity with the place definitely helped a lot more, and I think it will be one of the key reasons for places to travel when the kids are still young.

monster dandelion

We relaxed more in Melbourne with friends, allow the kids to have more play time. We didn’t care for going around in Melbourne cos we weren’t too familiar with the place. We spent more time with friends, meeting up and letting the kids play together at playgrounds.

It was a really good break. It definitely gave us a taste of travelling with the kids and a craving for more!

slides at the Royal Park Nature Play Playground


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before 2018

gosh it’s been a while since I last wrote a non-review related post. So hard to be able to gather my thoughts and write.

But what better than now to write something eh? Especially when we are 2.5 hours away into the new year.

Mummy, you know so long I never go out with you alone?’ the eldest one told me this morning when we went out to the nearby mall with Sarah in tow.

do you like coming out alone with me?’ I asked. He nodded. ‘ gotta share the attention with your brother and sister leh..’ I teased him. He then snuggled closer to me and held onto my hand.

I missed it too, I thought to myself. Oliver and I had all the world to ourselves for 2 years before the arrival of Quentin. We also had all the time in the world to explore, go on adventures and go on playdates. The experiences that Oliver had..was nothing Quentin and Sarah would ever get.

In a blink of an eye, it is almost 6 years since we had Oliver. I felt for him when he said it. Has it been almost 6 years? In another 6 months, Daddy Ting and I will be thrust into another phase of parenthood as we prepare ourselves and Oliver for primary school. Could we ever be ready? Each of the kids are so different.

In a blink of an eye, the middle child is struggling to be taken noticed and prove that he can be independent.

I want to do the buckle! You must teach me! I want to learn!! Why you don’t let me learn!?’ Quentin cried as we moved out of the carpark. We had been in a hurry. Obviously kiddo is not gonna listen about how we were in a hurry and we couldn’t wait for him to figure out how to fit the buckles to his car seat in together and lock it in.

He has grown up too. His latest antics of whining hasn’t gone unnoticed unfortunately. And it is always the negative behaviour that gets picked up. Then the guilt kicks in when he explains why he did what he had to do, all made sense then. We need to learn how to pause before we react.

But he is the joker in his own way. He hams it up and it cracks Daddy Ting and I up so much.

We are splitting the boys up next year at school. Quentin in the morning, Oliver in the afternoon. For practical reasons and for Quentin. To be able to spend more one on one time with the kids. Give us another chance, alright? I’ll try and do better with you.

Sarah. She has her own language now. At 14mo, she was self-feeding. And she can successfully feed herself throughout an entire meal. She picks things up very easily, especially movements and actions. She signs a lot more and she still doesn’t really say words. Emotionally..she is so affectionate to both Daddy Ting and I. Argh. So damn sweet. She is a little charmer.

BUT. Insufficient sleep throws her to the other spectrum of what she is mostly. OMFG. She goes from sweet to tantrum in 3 secs. Like throws herself on the floor, and cries. Tries flopping around. Seriously. Where did she even pick it up from??

Two weeks ago, she finally weaned off the boob. I CAN HAS MY BOOBS BACK! It was bittersweet. After breasting for 6 years, I’m ready to say bye and move on. With the decision to not have anymore kids (sans accidents hor), I think we can move on in life. Not that we weren’t moving on, but move on from the baby stage of life. I cleared my wardrobe last weekend and packed all my maternity and nursing clothes away. I packed away Sarah’s 1st year worth of clothes, keeping the ones that were of sentimental value.

Moving on with such changes. How to not get emotional watching the kids grow up leh? Just this afternoon, I added shelves to the boys’ tables cos I figured they should get used to tidying up their table in a different manner as compared to just stacking everything up.

They were stoked. It made them feel a little more grown up. It was just a simple modification of adding a $2 Daiso shelf, and giving them a book/paper folder made out of cereal boxes. Recycling FTW! The boys are familiar with my recycling methods and being environmentally friendly.

The bond between the three. Quentin and Sarah are definitely closer. But Sarah has this quiet adoration for Oliver. She wouldn’t let him hold her hand but she knows he is something. The boys definitely play really well with each other now and Quentin knows how to retaliate if Oliver gives him grief. The physical fighting has started, though half the time it ends up in giggles. Hahaha. I don’t know how that is going to work out between the 3 of them but I’m heartened. There are bad moments, but it has been mostly the good.

2017 has been mostly a year of bad medical news. Deaths, falls, admission to hospital, early warnings of deteriorating health if we are not watchful. Sometimes we take life for granted. Says me, as I munch on the last Famous Amos double chocolate cookie. Hahaha. WTH right.

In 2018, I resolve to try and live more healthily and make an impact in the kids life, the people around me and on the environment.

It’s time to get a grip on life by the horns and live life even more fully.

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October Babies Bash: PramWash + Giveaway

To be honest, I have not tried the services that PramWash has to offer. But I do know that it is a service that parents should consider if you are in for the lonnnnng ride. Seriously.

I got to know Kenneth, the founder of PramWash, during the early days and talks of a collaboration between our businesses. As with all business humble beginnings, Kenneth was washing strollers and car seats in their flat. Talk about being hands on in their business. So obviously Kenneth knows what he is doing, and how it needs to be done to ensure customer satisfaction.

Fast forward a few months later, I was invited to the opening of their new warehouse in Jurong and taking a tour around their cleaning & storage facilities (co-shared with their other business, PramShare). And I was impressed by the system they had put in place for parents to drop off and pick up their strollers & car seats at their convenience.

Lockers to drop off strollers and car seats

All these are done via your mobile. Once you are ready to drop off your stroller or car seat, you will be given a PIN to access a locker for you to drop off. If you had arranged for a loan of a car seat or stroller, it will also be inside so you can swap for it!

So what is PramWash all about? As their name says it, it’s a service that cleans your 4 year old or even 10 year old (in my case) stroller till it is spick and span. Especially if kiddo has puked on or has had poop smeared on it ( ohhh those explosive poop days).

Baby Jogger City Select

Strollers like the City Select where you have to remove the fabric off the bars, foot bar, and when the fabrics have dried, they shrink a little so you swear and sweat as you put it back together again. Oh don’t get me started on the bassinet.

Or strollers like the Peg Perego Pliko P3 Compact that has SO MANY screws you better remember which one goes where. Removing is fun. Putting it back not so.

Peg Perego P3 Pliko Compact

Or what about fancy ones like the Silver Cross Reflex?

Pushchair & the accessories

It’s assembled already and there are still so many other parts haha. And that is NOT counting if you are using the baby nest.

Now you know why you should leave the cleaning to the experts?

They do not only do strollers, they do car seats too! OMG there has been many a time where I wished that there was such a service when the kids had puked all over the car seats. That happens WAY more than the puking on the stroller. I definitely know how difficult it was to take apart the stroller, scrub the icky stuff off, toss it into the washing machine and wait for it to dry, and put it back together again.

Then possibly curse and swear abit cos sometimes you forget where certain parts go to. *roll eyes* I’ve washed a car seat or two too. A friend blessed me with a car seat and I took it apart to wash. I was amazed to find a fair few toys and lots of crumbs after removing the fabric. I don’t even want to think about washing the 3 car seats in the car now. *shudders* The recent puke incident involved alot of surface scrubbing, no rinse cleaner and sunning cos Daddy Ting is too kiam kanna and too lazy to pay for PramWash.

Come on, even kiddo gagged at the smell when he smelt it a few days later. So guess who had to be sai kang warrior and scrub it again?? >:(

But hey, PramWash isn’t even expensive. Prices start from $60 for a basic stroller clean and $90 for a stroller + carseat bundle. To get a freshly cleaned and nice smelling stroller back, why not? What’s more, if you are worried about the lack of stroller or car seat to use whilst yours is being cleaned, just check out PramShare for a suitable car seat or stroller for your use! And you don’t have to worry about cleanliness cos they would have been thoroughly cleaned by PramWash as well hahah.

Prices of the various services available

I contacted PramWash cos I did feel that our mummies would probably need to clean their strollers or carseats soon! They were kind enough to sponsor us a $180 worth Ultimate Wash for our lucky draw. Waaaaah. My stroller is last leg liao and look so damn cui, but if I won it, I also don’t mind sending it for a wash lor! Got better resale value, no? Kekekeke.

Apart from sponsoring our bash, PramWash would like to offer my readers a 10% discount on their services (means $54 for your basic wash leh!). Simply quote “JST10%OFF” at check out to apply the discount. The promo code expires 28th Feb 2018.

In addition to the above promo code, I would also like to giveaway a goodie bag worth $175!

1. Like the Facebook pages of Just Some Tings & PramWash
2. Leave a comment on the Facebook post and tell me what kind of trauma your stroller & car seat has gone through
3. Share, tag a friend, spread the love!
4. Giveaway closes 5th January 2018. Winners will be picked at random.
5. Winners to self-collect the items due to size and weight.

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