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dating days

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I don’t know how the Korean scriptwriters do it. But heck, EVERY SINGLE drama that I have watched, have always brought me back to the dating days with the hubby. It is a good thing! It really does help to remind me that I really love this guy haha.

Just so you know okay, Mr Ting.

The latest drama I am watching, Hospital Ship, reminded me of the days when I was just into Donald. Feeling flustered when I saw him, crashing his class sometimes, hiding away with a friend if he happened to be in the same shop as I was (come on, Hobart was only THAT big). We would meet up with friends and he would pop over for dinner gatherings. We had a couple of chats into the late night.

Like really late.

Then the early days of dating post drunken confession from him *roll eyes*. I had a 2-week return period, where if any point within the two weeks I felt uncomfortable with our relationship, I would be able to call it quits and he should not contact me. Obviously it never happened.

But it was nice to be reminded of the early days. I had been reading a fair few ‘stories’ on a social media platform on wives complaining about their husbands not doing enough, husbands complaining that their wives are lazy, or a spouse ranting over stuff and wanting a separation. There is nothing wrong in ranting, it is an outlet afterall for people to vent, and hopefully seek some advise or look at things from another POV. I am not in their shoes, nor can I ever be.

It was getting a little too negative but it reminded me of how fortunate I am to be in the life that I have.

I have been loved very well by a man who can keep my love tank filled regularly. Not with flowers or gifts, but making sure I get my rest, I am emotionally and mentally supported. He recently took over putting Sarah to bed together with the boys. To be honest, I have not had the opportunity to put 3 kids to bed in one go YET. But he has done it with ease.

My hero! hahahah. Seriously. For being able to sleep through the night peacefully, I will do everything else! =P

photo taken by Derrick Ong Photography

To you, I will always remember the first time I kissed you. The first time I felt my heart a flutter as I realised I had a crush on you. How I felt as you held me in the cramp toilet and told me you liked me and asked if I liked you. All these I remember as though as they happened yesterday. 

I had many firsts with you, and I am glad that they were with you and no one else. 

Can’t wait for the many more adventures and memories that we may have together. I hope we get to grow really old together. 



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woes of parenting

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To my three children,

if you only knew how much each of you mean to me.

How you were connected to me in-utero via an umbilical cord and hence, creating that little belly button of yours.

How each of your every achievements are my joy and pride, and each hurt and disappointment, my pain.

What hurt the most was not seeing you appreciate the things that were given to you at times. And it showed earlier today, and I raised my hand to smack you, Ollie, and you, Quentin. Sarah, you cried as your brothers yelped in pain. You weren’t sure of the me that was disciplining your brothers.

I was tired and frustrated. I felt like a failure, failing to raise my children properly. How could I instill the love that I had for them and have them translated into action?

I had a 6 year old who was nonchalantly eating his dinner, ignoring the fact that there was a 6.45pm deadline to keep the toys, otherwise it will go into the bin. Why? Because he didn’t really care for the toys anymore, and couldn’t be bothered about whether they went into the bin or not. Afterall, his brother was the one who played more with it.

I had a 4 year old who wanted everyone to ‘suffer’ with him and refused to keep it alone. The task was ‘boring’ and ‘it would take forever’. This was despite trying to explain to him earlier today that keeping the toys properly was for the next user, and to ensure that the toys were being taken care of properly.

This is despite drilling into them that they had to keep their toys at the end of the day, EVERY FUCKING DAY. This is despite telling the 4 year old that he will have shit loads of stuff to put away when he kept taking drawers of train tracks out from his room.

‘I will keep it later’ he had said. I gave him the benefit of doubt and held him to it. Was I stupid to do so? He is only 4 year old after all.

Maybe I had too much expectations of the 6 year old. He afterall. And I don’t mean that in a boastful way. It is so enjoyable to have a conversation with him because he speaks like an adult, and ask adult questions. I can explain concepts and principles to him and he understands it quickly. It was just so much easier to discipline him, to explain the rationale behind my actions.

The 4 year old is on another plane altogether. Trying to deal head on with him brings out the childish side of both Donald and I. It really does, it makes us mimic his behaviour just so that he can get a taste of his own medicine. But at the end of it all, he doesn’t get the morale of the story.

It made me question, what was it that I had done in my every day interactions with them that made them this way? What was it that I had ended up instilling into them?

Smacking obviously wasn’t the answer. I apologised for smacking them, and I had the 6 year old not angry at me anymore, and the 4 year old saying ‘no problem!’. And we all agreed to try again tomorrow.

The baby of the family is an empath..sorta. She cries when she sees her brothers in pain. She cried when she saw me crying whilst disciplining Oliver. I picked her up and she was stroking my face and crying as I teared. And tonight, she requested that she got put to bed in her cot when our usual was to co-sleep together until she fell asleep before I transferred her into her cot.

Are our co-sleeping days over, just like that? I should be glad she wants to sleep on her own I guess. Donald was just complaining about how Sarah needs her space and would fuss each time she came into contact with Quentin in the single bed. I rolled my eyes. Tell that to the dad who wants to co-sleep with his daughter EVEN THOUGH she is ready to sleep on her own bed. Good one.

This game of parenting, so tough, so arduous the journey. A love hate relationship/ Trying to maintain that balance between sanity and insanity, not wanting the kids to turn away from me. Setting that groundwork and building it up together for the years ahead.

Will you still love me tomorrow?  I sure as hell hope so, cos I love you guys shitloads.

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Review: 3M Safety Film with Jestac

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Thanks to the team at Jestac, I was offered an opportunity to redo the safety films for the shower screens in both the ensuite toilet and common toilet in my home. Thanks so much Jestac!
The shower screens in both toilets are not the easiest to deal with. The common toilet was small and there were 4 panels of glass to work with, and has 2 overlapping glass panels where they slide open. With the ensuite toilet, there was a narrow gap between the glass panel and countertop. Mr Chen and Raju definitely had their work cut out for them.

Master Room ensuite, narrow gap between countertop & glass panel

The tiny space to work with for the common toilet!

What appeared to be a seemingly simple job (at least to me!) took about 2.5 hours. The duo had to strip the previous safety film, clean the glass before applying the new sheet of safety film on the glass panels. So the job sequence was like:
– remove existing film;
– spray soapy water on the glass, and clean;
– spray film with water for it to adhere onto the glass;
– stick film on glass, slide film to adjust and fit;
– spray on film again, and use a fabric wrapped taping knife to smooth out any bubbles and to prevent any scratches; and
– trim the excess film off the edges.

smoothening out the film with a taping knife

assessing how to slide the film into the thin gap

What I liked about how they went about the job:
– They tidied the silicon edges by trimming (my glass had fraying, uneven silicon finishes where they fitted into their frames) before they even started so that the glass would fit nicely without any bumps;
– They used a penknife blade to clean the glass, making sure that it would scrape any dirt or residue from the previous safety film. The previous contractor used a taping knife to scrape off. I personally felt the penknife blade would do a better job haha;
– No bubbles in any of the glass! So so happy with that.
– One of the knobs of the glass panels couldn’t come off, making it harder for Mr Chen to trim around the edges (btw, they do it freehand). But the ultimate result was done really really well, compared to the square the previous contractor did;
– they redid one of the glass panels in the ensuite when there was a speck of dirt under the film. I was worried about them having enough film, but they did! And they cut a fresh piece out to fit it on the glass.
– Most of the edges were trimmed really smoothly! There were some uneven edges but it was all corrected after we told Mr Chen.

trying hard to remove the stubborn knob for one of the shower screens

Jestac’s freehand cutting vs…..

previous contractor’s ‘wonderful’ freehand. WTH, they cut a SQUARE around the knob okay. 

small space meant..sitting on toilet bowl haha

What I didn’t like about the job:
– Most of the edges of the films were trimmed smoothly, however there were some inconsistencies where the film was trimmed shorter for the film that was redid for a 2nd time;
– There is a pipe running through the ensuite shower screen panel, and they didn’t cut out the shape of the pipe enough to fit, so the film was not flushed against but slightly away from the frame;

film not flushed with frame in Master Room ensuite

the pipe in question

Overall, I am fairly satisfied with the job, given what I felt was difficulties in doing the job (Mr Chen had to sit on the toilet bowl at one point to adhere the film). I was a little disappointed with the 2nd sheet of film for the ensuite glass panel but I did suspect it was due to the lack of time. They did complete the rest of the panels with no further issues (ie no short trim, edges nicely trimmed, smooth and no bubbling).
Post job, we were given instructions to not wet the films for 2 weeks so that they would set properly. It wasn’t much of an issue as the films were stuck on the exterior of the shower area so no water would be splashed on it. Mr Chen did explain that consistent splashing of water on the films over time will affect the durability of it.
It’s been almost a week and we are pretty happy there’s no bubbling so far!
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