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Dear 三只马骝,

Yes, you. The 9 month old too. Why are you cruising so quickly?? We barely had time to enjoy your babyness and bam, there you are standing and cruising around at 9 months old. I think I saw you letting go and trying to stand on your own for the past couple of days.


Tomorrow’s Father’s Day. So what have you kids gotten planned? Meh. Who am I kidding. What can a 5.5yo, 3.5yo and 9mo come up with?

So…last year I wrote you kids a letter about your 老豆. How has things been for the past one year?


Dear Daddy Ting, 

daddy ting & his toys

Happy Father’s Day! You wonder about all this hype about Father’s Day. You gripe about expensive meals on this day. You bemoan about the crowd every where. You stare at the boys and struggle between wanting to take them out and getting work done.

So, let your dear wifey put things into perspective for you this year! This 18th June, it would be the..

37th year of your life;
12th year of our courtship:
7.5th year of our married life;
5.5th year of fatherhood; and
1st year as a father of three kids.

Three kids leh. Three kids are the new norm. Haha. I remembered the day you told me ‘two kids is too mainstream’. 

So let’s walk down along memory lane cos as you age, your memory fails you. Actually, scrap that. You just got shitty memory. *roll eyes* Come on, I’m pretty sure the wivess out there will agree their husbands never remember significant moments.

I remembered the morning I told you I was pregnant with Oliver. You came home from your morning run and barely had time to catch your breath, sweat dripping down your face when I excitedly told you.

I remembered the day I told you I was pregnant with Quentin. I sent you the photo of the test kit and you were cautious to not feed my excitement cos of the chemical pregnancy we had the month before.

I remembered the night I told you I was pregnant with Sarah. I had wanted to keep it a secret but I just couldn’t. She was to be our very special baby cos of so many reasons.

The moment you laughed over the phone when I told you we were having a girl. It was the laughter that came out of your heart. The special kind of laughter I love cos I so rarely hear it. And I smile to myself as I type this.

When we got together, it was hard to imagine you being around kids. We moved to Perth and you got to know a little girl who would call your name. Even then I thought you were awkward around kids.

Then you had kids. You told me about what kind of father you would like to be to the kids. I’ve seen the look on your face that shows how much you are bursting with pride over your eldest child; the look on your face that shows how bad you feel after you discipline your middle child; and that look on your face that shows amazement and wonder at your youngest child.

The way you laugh as you get outsmarted by your kids;
The look of resignation as your kids grin cheekily at you;
The way you excitedly tell your kids about Michael Jackson and they are more interested in Backstreet Boys (hahahahahahaha).
The way you moaned about how your kid beat you to breaking their arm;
The way you rush into your son’s room the moment you hear he is having a nightmare;
The way you exclaim ‘mayday mayday!’ when your son gags and pukes, and then having to comfort him later.

Best of all, how that fatherhood really suits you well with that *pats* tidy belly of yours. =P Thanks for finishing up what the boys cannot finish so I dun grow too fat. hahaha

There are articles about how the husband should start helping to take photos of their wife with the kids, cos mummy is always taking selfies with them. Let me speak for the SAHM me. For every 5 selfies I take with the kids, there is only one photo of you with the kids. I live the moment with the kids; you live that moment through photos. You get the updates from me, from the kids.

I’d be more than happy to stick with the selfies and take more photos of you and the kids, so that all of us will have our moments.

So have your moment tomorrow with the kids, I’ll be taking the photos. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy Ting. Couldn’t ask for a better man to be the father of my kids.

Mummy Ting.

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multi-functional moms

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minnie mouse

ahh..Sarah is down with a cold. Figured she would be coming down with something since she was coughing last week, but only at night. Then two days ago, bam, the waterworks started. Sleep patterns got thrown out of whack. On top of the funk I was going through..totally not cool.

She preferred to be nursed sitting up, she wanted to fall asleep in my arms upright/against my chest on slight incline/on my shoulder.

She has a fierce temper. I just experienced that this arvo for..15 mins. OMFG. She could just go on and on..and it was fake crying. WTH. Fine, you win. Go play with your brothers instead of taking your nap.

This evening, she rested on my chest half-asleep, with me seated on my bed in a slight incline (no support for my back), legs raised to support her, in a rocking motion. I made a mental shrug and thought, hey I was pretty multi-functional. Not just multi-roles of chef, secretary, event planner, nurse/doctor, etc..the usuals hor. Multi-functional I say.

With her in the baby carrier, I’m the portable yaolan, bobbing around with knees slightly bent.

With her in my arms and swinging her, I was pretty much the eco-friendly car (err, minus the occasional methane)

With her against my chest as I rock her to sleep, I’m the rocker, webbed/daybed/Fisher Price version (take your pick).

No wonder my knees are giving out. Gah.

still my champion eater!

To the boys..I am also the…

..dictionary (loads of ‘mummy, how do you spell <insert word>?’)

…Google Maps (‘mummy, how are we going to get there?’)

…encyclopedia (‘mummy, why is the snake so long?’)

Seriously, the amount of reading up I have to do when the boys get interested in something. When Oliver was interested in space (still is!), it sure had me reading up a fair bit about it. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the process. And of course Matt Damon was fabulous in The Martian, as was George Clooney in Gravity & Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar. =P

Kidding. I was highly dependent on NatGeo for Kids. Need all the simplified words to process information. It’s all in good fun though.

Wonder what Quentin’s gonna be interested in. Music maybe?


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#throwback my pity party

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3rd February 2017

I turned on the stove to reheat the soup.

‘I miss eating hot food. Fresh hot food’ I thought as I started on the dishes. I almost never finish a meal completely these days..cos by the time I get to it, tit is cold and I am past the hunger stage. But yup, I was wallowing in my pity party.

Meanwhile, I hear noises from the boys’ room. Quentin is talking and then hubby yells at him, cue wailing. I had just walked out of said room 5 minutes earlier.

The door opens and Quentin walks out. 

‘Mummy. I don’t like Daddy. I like Mummy.’

I sighed, finished up the dish I was washing, turned off the stove (bye bye hot soup again), grabbed a granola cluster from the fridge to stave the hunger pants and held the hand of my middle child. We walk back to his room. 

I sat on a chair, lited him onto my lap and held him. He snuggles against me and wraps his arms around my neck. 

‘He’s grown taller. He can reach my neck.’ I thought. 

He falls asleep 15 minutes later. It was 8.15pm.

I left the room, gave up reheating the soup and devoured a bowl before resuming the washing. 

It felt like a long day. And when I felt that way, I craved junk food like KFC. 自甘堕落 kinda mood. And I told the husband so. 

‘How about Starbucks instead?’ Hmm I considered a while more before deciding Starbucks would probably be a better option. Le sigh. Bye bye KFC. 

We had a quick chat about Quentin. Caught between the older attention seeker and the baby that needs attention. 

When was the last time we did something he wanted? He is a follower, he tags along. Tags along the curtails of Oliver. We always brush him off. He doesn’t mind that he doesn’t get his choice. He gets distracted by his brother before he can even make a decision. Yet he hs made to be a big brother to Sarah and give way to her’

Ahhh..we suck at parenting. The hubby felt bad for yelling at him. I felt bad that I did not make him feel significant. So easily slighted. 

Hubby & I finally get a chance to talk shop tonight. For 2 hours and we managed to only cover 3 points. WTH. How to finish in time? 

The other night, 

‘You’re amazing’ he says, after I told him off for not listening and why I have so much things on my mind. I rattle off the things to do, what Oliver needs to do for school, dates, doctors appointments. He stares at me as I go on. 

‘What?’ I asked. 

‘Love you.’ He said. I gave him a deadpan look. 

‘Must tell the boys to really find the right woman to marry.’ He continued. 

‘Doesn’t mean I have to keep doing the washing hor!!!’

‘Okok, I wash’  Yaaaay! Win some for now. 

Later that evening, I was still feeling a little moody. So decided to throw caution to the wind and jioed some girls out for drinks tonight (Starbucks alcohol involved). Mad random. Hubby gave me an incredulous look. 

‘You say I can go out one hor!!’

‘I know, I’m not saying you cannot go but why so random??’ hubby knowing I sian so come home earlier, said hi to the kids and snuck into the kitchen to give me a hug. Then after I ranted to him why I damn sian, he asked if I wanted the kids to say sorry. also him entertaining all 3 kids whilst I check out where I could meet my girlfriends for desserts till late. 

Love.. is also him washing all the dishes in the sink..cos he bth the kids jumping on him and his balls so he needs an excuse. He said at this rate, confirm no more kids. Sarah on my left thigh, Quenin on my right thigh, Oliver on both my knees and we had a group hug. watching Sarah snuggle between her brothers in that hug, cooing and chortling. 

My heart is full.

But bring on them Starbucks drinks and bitch sesh!

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