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Review: Love Oribel | Supporting Local

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It all started with this photo. We were at the launch of Bove at Suntec and I spied with my little eye, a rather fascinating activity table. I popped Sarah into the table and Cherie from Oribel came along to explain how it worked. I was blown away. Being the auntie that I am…the ROI on this table is amazing lah!

How so? Let me show you, thanks to the kind people at Oribel who sent us one to review.

Do you see what I mean yet? It is foldable, so you can tuck it away. And after baby has outgrown the activity table, it becomes a table for activities, with various height. No wastage whatsoever. For SGD$199, this is DAMN GOOD DEAL. Now, let the photos do most of the talking.

Yes, the boys wanted in on the action on Sarah’s new toy

The PortaPlay arrived when Sarah was around 4.5mo, so it had been sitting in the living room for a bit and the boys have been eyeing it for the longest time. When I decided that it was time to open it, good grief, they wanted in on every bit of the action. And would gamely pose for any photo required. WTH. Not complaining..but hey, it’s mei mei’s toy you know!!

activity table: 5 toys, a seat and a table

There is really not a lot of parts to it. Assembly is a no brainer and the boys could even help me with it. No screws involved, which also means no sharp bits that could potentially hurt baby. Just simple push and click.

unfolding the legs of the table

To fold and unfold the legs of the table, you just need to depress these two buttons to release the catch. This also means that you don’t have to worry about legs springing out when you fold it up. No belt straps to worry about either. Mind you, it is not some cheap plastic that is holding the entire table together. This activity table does have a pretty solid feel to it.

attaching the fabric onto the seat

The fabric of the seat is slightly padded and has some elasticity to it to accomodate bouncing in the seat. There are very thin plastics sheets that allow you to hook the seat onto little knobs. So again, no protruding bits that poke bruise baby’s skin!

At this point, I was really loving all the effort that goes into creating this product. Obviously you can read that I’m gushing over this activity table haha.

fixing the toys onto the table

The toys just clip into the sockets! It packs and grip and is not easy for babies to rip it out of the socket. You have to pinch the clasp in order to take them out of the sockets. The downside of the clips is that they only fit one way. I had hoped that it might fit both ways (facing inside and outside), so a cruising baby could play with it as well, but alas. Maybe something that Oribel could consider in the future! *hopeful*

after baby is seated

I had to take a peek to see how it was like underneath haha. What I saw and liked:
– nothing dangling or in the way beneath. I did not have to worry about kiddo’s feet getting caught anywhere. Just 4 legs.
– the seat appears to offer as much support as possible to accommodate the various sizes of babies. I am a little concerned about crotch dangling like how some baby carriers are like. However, given the height of the table, Sarah looked really comfortable supporting herself with her legs, so I didn’t have to worry much about the pressure on her groin.

The seat is also rotatable, which means Sarah could turn the seat around to reach for every toy around her. Because of the way the seat sat on the grooves in the table, I do not have to worry about her fingers getting caught between the seat and the grooves.

height adjustments

The PortaPlay also has 4 height adjustments to grow alongside with baby. At the lowest height, it was perfect for Sarah to rest her feet on the ground at 6mo. So..just how high can the table go?

regular table and parts.

The PortaPlay comes with a lid to cover the gap where the seat used to be, and 6 covers to cover the sockets where the toys used to be.

when table is covered

in the long run: lowest level

This is the setting where Sarah was at. Oribel also developed two lightweight stools that could go with the table as well. They were perfect for the lowest two height settings.

highest level!

At the highest setting, them Ikea chairs are perfect. Oliver is about 1 metre tall, so you can see how far this table can go with the kids!

The other thing about the table is that the feet are made with somewhat rubberised material to make them non-slip. You can’t just push the table around, it would actually be easier to lift it to move it. You don’t have to worry about baby trying to glide the table around!

portable means bringing it out and around

Another reason why I was so keen on the PortaPlay was that it was easily portable. We hangout at our grandparents’ place on a weekly basis and having the PortaPlay meant we could put her in for a while and quickly have our meal before entertaining her again.

groove for fingers

Having that circular structure made it really easy for us to get a grip on carrying it by our side. There was enough space for our fingers to grip it, and because it was a curved surface, it made it really comfortable to carry it.

in the car boot

And tadaah..popped it into the car boot. It really doesn’t take up a lot of space! I know you’re gonna say we’ve a huge bootspace but the width of the car is probably the same as a regular sedan. So you can see it really doesn’t take up a lot of space.

off to grandaunt’s house!

Got to our aunt’s place, and tadaah..popped the PortaPlay open and placed Sarah in. Easy peasy!

One other major detail about the that it is created by a Singaporean company. Most of my friends who asked about the PortaPlay were really impressed that Oribel is a Singaporean brand. We really need to support local, especially when there are gems like these! Oribel also has a range of toys and baby accessories under their brand. My other favourite range has to be the VertiPlay toys. Toys that you attach on to the wall so that you don’t have toys cluttered all over the floor!

wall xylophone

I am really impressed by the range of products Oribel has and it is obvious they have put in a lot of thought into these products. So kudos to them!

The PortaPlay is available at the following retail and online stores:
– Mothercare
– Motherswork
Big Little Me

Disclaimer: An Oribel PortaPlay was sponsored for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

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Review: Cherub Rubs for the kids and me + Giveaway

Recently, the kind people from Cherub Rubs sent us a range of their products to try out. So for the past 3 weeks, we switched over to Cherub Rubs..and my verdict?

Argh..why do I need to share it with my kids?? hahaha

Just to give you a quick background, Cherub Rubs is an Australian brand and they have developed a range of organic skincare products suitable for newborns, kids, pregnant women and adults in mind, especially those with sensitive skin! Cherub Rubs is also certified organic by Australia’s National Standard for Organic Produce, which means they contact at least 70-95% certified organic ingredients! That is pretty high range in my opinion!

Now let me introduce you to some of my personal favourites:

Products for Indoors

School had just started so we started off with what I called the indoor range, products that we used on a regular basis.

250ml, $27.75

This is my favourite! To be honest, when I first used it, I was a little unsure of the scent. The lemon oil and tea tree oil scent did take a while getting used to, but I definitely loved how the body wash felt on my skin. The clean feeling and yet feeling very moisturised. I told Daddy Ting he can continue using our current bodywash all by himself whilst I used this with the kids! The whole family tried out the bodywash for the first week and Daddy Ting approves of it too. (probably explains why we finished it up so quickly haha)

I liked that there was still some minimal suds. I know there are emollient bodywashes around but the lack of suds bothered me. So this definitely had enough bubbles to keep me happy! I could also easily add it into Sarah’s bath (just a tinsy bit!) and it was enough to wash her and pat her with no rinsing.

When we had almost ran out of the bodywash, I switched back to my current bodywash and I could immediately feel the difference, and my skin got irritated that night. Gaaah. Time to get another bottle of the bodywash!

250ml, $27.75

The shampoo worked well for the boys, probably because they had finer hair. I have straw for hair (read: dry & frizzy hair), so whilst it made my hair feel smooth during the hair wash, it didn’t work for me after it dried. But it made the boys’ hair soft and left a really nice scent! The boys can really work up a sweat running around, so having that scent definitely helped reduced stinky hair. I did love smelling their hair when I am putting them to bed.

60g, $21.40

This came just in time. Sarah had suddenly developed a minor diaper rash so it was perfect timing. The consistency of the balm is more like a thick lotion than a paste, so it was very easy to spread and apply on the skin. It is also not very sticky, nor does it leave a white residue. Rubs in really well too. It worked as a barrier for Sarah, and will just require reapplication at every diaper change.

Sarah also has a persistence rash around her neck no thanks to her double chin. The folds just never get to see the daylight except for times when she is on her tummy.

The redness was significantly reduced the following day. To keep the redness at bay, we just applied it on a daily basis. Bonus use for the balm: you can even use it for chapped lips, cracked nipples, hands and cracked heels!

100ml, $24.75

This is another favourite, the Skin Soothe! will see me talking up the products that I have really enjoyed and really liked. Why? I am an eczema sufferer and post-partum eczema is annoying. Quentin inherited my sensitive skin, so it is really important for us to find products that would work for us.

Prior to receiving these products from Cherub Rubs, Quentin had been scratching his thighs near his groin on an on-off basis in his sleep. It was annoying. On a bad occasion, he had scratched it enough for the skin to be broken and it would sting really badly when he peed, even in his diaper. He would cry. This occurred during the time where we were toilet training him. We had creams that would soothe the broken skin but didn’t stop the itching.

But this bottle of Skin Soothe appears to have stopped the problem! What I really liked about it is that it contains aloe vera. It is not greasy and dries off very quickly, also has a nice cooling sensation, which I assume comes from the Witch Hazel. And it seems to do the job too! We didn’t need a lot of it to apply either. That blob you see on Daddy Ting’s palm? That is enough to apply on Quentin’s groin plus both thighs. It spreads out very easily. I tried Skin Soothe on one leg, whilst using another organic cream on the other leg. Both do the job of stopping the itch and soothing the skin, however, given the option, I would choose Skin Soothe on the basis that it is non-greasy, doesn’t leave that gluggy residue on my skin. I find my skin gets aggravated very easily if there is a greasy residue.

So..Quentin stops scratching at night with daily application of Skin Soothe and my eczema is easier to manage too, definitely a win for us!

Products for the Outdoor

Now, moving on to the range for outdoors (L-R): Skin Guard Plus, Scatterscreen, & Scatterbugs . Guess what? All 3 outdoor products contain bug protection! Yep, which means their sunscreen also contains bug repellent. Save space and money especially if you are going to the beach!

100ml, $27.75

If you have been looking for sunscreen that is suitable for newborns, then the Scatterscreen is it. What I like about it is the low SPF that makes it suitable for newborn skin. SPF8. Yes, you are thinking, ‘whaaat?? What kind of protection does that offer??’ Well, the higher SPF a sunscreen is, it would also mean the higher amount of mineral oxide it will contain to offer the protection, which could also mean there would be a higher chance of more chemical filters being added in! And we all know that we want our products kept as natural as possible! Cherub Rubs recommends hourly reapplication for sufficient coverage. Besides, babies and toddlers should not be exposed to the sun for too long hours anyways. I can live with that.

Sunscreen at Wild Wild Wet

Sunscreen at the ECP

Sunscreen for everybardee!

Verdict: I like that the Scatterscreen is not greasy or pastey like regular sunscreen. It doesn’t even come across as sticky. The kids and us used it liberally at Wild Wild Wet (3pm to 6.30pm) and at the East Coast Park (9 – 11am) and none of us got burnt! Definitely had a tan line but skin was well moisturised and protected. It is also water repellent but washes off easily with regular bodywash. There you go, SPF8. It doubling as a bug repellent..definitely a bonus.

And trust Cherub Rubs to come up with two range of bug repellent: one for newborn and toddlers, the Scatterbug, and another for older kids and adults, Skin Guard Plus

100ml, $25.35

Cherub Rubs uses lemon eucalyptus oil instead of the popular citronella oil. Lemon eucalyptus oil is gentler on the skin as compared to citronella and has been found to repel mosquitoes for up to 6 hours!

Sarah approves!

What I like about the Scatterbug: it is aloe vera based and comes in a semi-gel like consistency, making it very easy to spread out. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue, which would make the kids really comfy and yet still offering some level of protection.

100ml, $25.35

product test at Coney Island

product test at the ECP

The Skin Guard Plus contains more lemon eucalyptus oil as compared to the Scatterbugs. It seems to leave a slightly sticky residue on my palms after application, though it is fine on the skin. It is not THAT sticky, but the sensation was similar to the feeling after one has used a hand santiser gel. That kind of tacky feeling. Not too big of an issue. I’m more concerned about coverage and it has worked during the times we used it! No one got bitten, so yay!

Overall, I really like this range of products mostly due to it being non-greasy. The scent is a bonus! The sunscreen+repellent combo? Genius. I mean the times you probably need repellent, would also mean you would need sunscreen right? See, save money.

Cherub Rubs range of products are available at the following retail stores:

– selected Guardian outlets (end Feb);
– Watsons outlets (end Feb);
– Sasa stores;
– Isetan;
– OG;
– Medi-ya
– Takashimaya
– selected Kiddy Palace outlets

Cherub Rubs will also be at the Supermom Baby Fair at Marina Bay Sands from 17-19 Feb! You can find them at J02B. And thanks to Cherub Rubs, I have a hamper worth $180 to giveaway!

To participate, all you need to do is

1. Like Cherub Rubs Singapore on Facebook
2. Like Just some Tings on Facebook
3. Leave a comment here or on my Facebook page. and tell me which product you would love to try and why.
4. Contest ends 20th February 2017, 2359hrs and winners will be notified by 22nd February 2017. Winners will be selected at random.

Disclaimer: received the above products for review purposes. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible.


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Review: Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East

welcome to Wild Wild Wet

With an extended long weekend this lunar new year..we figured why not extend it a little further and take the boys to check out Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East? I mean..come on..all of us were still in major holiday mood lor. I had showed Daddy Ting a photo thata a friend had taken of the waterpark and we were keen on checking the place out already.

Wild Wild Wet opens at 1pm, so we waited for the boys to be done with kindy before heading out with the village (my parents, my sister, us and the kids).

Perfect weather? Check. Free Pioneer Generation ticket? Check. NTUC member? Check. A lot of good deals!

Stepping into the waterpark..we were pretty awed by it. For the price of the tickets, this was really a water theme park on its own. We spent 4 hours there, says a lot about how much the kids and adults (actually only my sister and Daddy Ting) enjoyed! The rest of us just chilled at a sheltered table.

hmm where to go

Where to bring the kids

Obviously the kids were of priority, and upon changing, Oliver ran straight for the Splash Play. It was a little wading pool, with a mini slide and lots of fountains. This would be your usual water play area that you would find at malls like Kallang Wave Mall or Tampines 1. The simple stuff, but suitable for very young children. The floors are tiled.

Once the boys warmed up, they proceeded to Kidz Zone, with bright colourful slides. What I liked about this area that the water area has individual lanes cordoned for each slide, so that kids will not venture into another lane unknowingly and get hit by kids coming down the slide. The blue slide on the left is also wide enough for kids to take a float and slide down it.

If you are organising a birthday party, you can hold one at Neptune’s Cove, which is right next to another children’s play area, the Professor’s Playground. The boys were a little too apprehensive about this one, it was probably meant for older kids.

Professor’s Playground


The kids can also slowly drift along the Shiok River, which is a canal like water play area (water depth around 1m). You can rent a float and gradually drift around the loop.

Shiok River rules

Daddy Ting & the boys

There are life vests available for non-swimmers and kids to done on. So even if you don’t wish to rent a float, the kids can pretty much drift in the life vests.

life vests of various sizes

ermahgad. too cute!

Last but not the least for the young ones, the Tsunami, which is a man-made wave pool.

The Tsunami

For the older kids, they can also go on The Waterworks and Ular-lah

steps leading up to the two slides

The Waterworks (smaller yellow slide) & the Ular-lah (blue & yellow slide)

Now..if the adults do get some spare time after following the kids around, you definitely need to check out Slide up! gave me the chills just watching people get on it. The steep slope!

Rules for taking the slide

height requirement


The other slide that had my heart up my throat was the Torpedo

The Torpedo

The opening of the slide is also so steep! Who in the right mind would go on it?? Okay..apparently my husband and sister did. So basically, as you jump into the slide, there is some water propulsion to cushion your journey down. According to Daddy Ting, you pretty much can’t yell your way down cos water will just go in your mouth. Hahaha. But the loops on the slide’s like a water rollercoaster without the seats.

There were a couple of other slides but they were currently not opened (Free Fall, Kraken Racers, Vortex & Royal Flush). What caught my eye was the Royal Flush. It looked MASSIVE from where we were seated. I reckon it would be something similar to slide up except there would be more people a tube and sliding round and round like we were gonna get flushed down the toilet bowl.

to be opened: Kraken Racers, Vortex, & Free Fall

Phew..I think I have more or less exhausted the types of areas there are. Moving on to amenities. This water theme park is definitely equipped with the necessities. Cabanas for rent, beach chairs, sheltered benches (if you are cheapo-nanas like me).

at our bench, celebrating the boys’ lunar birthday

Cabana for 6 for rent!

close up of Cabana

Cabana rates

Other amenities include locker rental services, children showers, handicap toilets and baby care rooms

Chidren Showers

Locker rentals (charges by size of locker per 4 hours)

2 baby care rooms available


We love the place. We love that it is outdoor, and there is a lot of room around, and a lot of slides. We went during the off-peak season, on a Wednesday afternoon from 3-6.30pm. The boys only decided they had enough because they were hungry. Speaking of which, you don’t have to worry about starving! There is McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, NTUC foodfare, Subway, to name a few, just 2 mins away from the entrance. So very convenient!

I was looking through the Wild Wild Wet website and I just realised that they also have baby water carriers too! If I had known earlier, I would have brought my swim gear and take Sarah with me! Welp, there’s always a next time!

Daddy Ting said if we lived right next to Downtown East, he wouldn’t have hesitated to buy the annual pass so we could go there every week. Hahaha. Okay lah, we live in the still go chance to go again!

Entrance rates can be found here. And don’t forget your NTUC card if you have one! #auntiemode