1yo monster

1yo pancakes monster

1yo pancakes monster

the baby turned 1 yesterday.

we had decided a while back that on the day of his birthday, we would have a quiet breakfast a Maccas before the evening mayhem. And so we did. the monster had his favourite pancakes and this time, we allowed him to have some fresh milk along with it. Boy did he recognise the bright yellow polystyrene packaging.

“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Aaarrrrrr!!” exclaimed the pancakes monster.

Has it been a year? It sure felt shorter. Our days together dictated by the timings of his naps and meals. And occasionally the time when Donald comes home, when the day has felt exceptionally long.

I can almost barely remember what the early days were like. I was reminded about it through a friend who had delivered her first child on Boxing Day last year and was having some problems with putting the baby to sleep. Donald and I had our fair share, with me reading extensively about sleep for babies and sharing it with another friend who’s daughter was about two weeks Ollie’s junior. These days, I am probably reminding D what it was like for her when E was around this stage hahaha.

Ollie handled the party really well. He had a pretty full day too. Early breakfast, followed by a swim in the arvo and then the party, with two naps throughout the day. It took almost 45 mins for the monster to settle down and fall asleep just before we got home, probably a result of his after party. Haha. Yes, he had an after party, going mad with a balloon and animal ears on headbands.

Today marks the first day of his second year. And we celebrated that with bubbles and a walk amongst some greenery. I reckon we are going to have a lot more fun.


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