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meant to write this out earlier. but with Donald around, I can’t write. I hate people peeking over my shoulder to see what I’m writing. =P

I need my writing space! heheh.

so. the first post of 2010.

2009 was an awesome year for me. Donald and I did enough crazy stuff.

We got married! And that in itself is crazy. =P

It has been quite a good year for me. I rediscovered friendship, and affirmed friendships. I still have a job. We got married. We had an awesome holiday. Donald got a job. And we decided that we are moving back to SG. And the cats get to go home earlier with us. =D

There probably have been some crazy times but not enough to outshadow the good =P

Cause of the wedding, I flew home so many times in 2009, that I got enough frequent flyer points to redeem a impromptu flight for Donald to go back to SG in Dec 09.

Cause of the wedding, I realised that I had friends who were genuinely happy for me, and wouldn’t think twice about helping me out on my day. And that they were there cos they wanted to be. They were long days, and I probably didn’t get to spend alot of time with them, but I felt that friendship. And I appreciate it.

2009 is the year I met Sam face to face too! hahaha. Finally. =P

And if anything, I had a great past 10 years. 10 years since I got to know great friends like Justina & Kenneth. 10 years since I got to know Sam. 10 years since studying in Ngee Ann Poly, then on to UTas and getting to know Cheryl, CF, CJ & Ally, and the Bruny Island days!, then on to Perth, and then now to SG.

Adopted 2 cats, who I can go on and on about, and went on some really good holidays too.

New year, new job, new adventures ahead with the move back to SG. We’ve spent the last couple of days packing up with the boxes that we had. Books. Pots and pans. Tools. some furniture. More kitchen stuff. Yeah, I won’t be needing that much kitchen stuff since Donald will be leaving AGAIN in 5 days time. Bleh.

Speaking of which, I have to thank all the lovely people who wrote on those cards that Donald has gotten them to write greetings on. =D You guys really really made my Xmas special.

Donald thought that he wouldn’t be spending NY with me. So..he bought a stack of small coloured index cards, small Post-Its sized, and went around meeting up with my friends to get them to write me Christmas greetings so I’d feel more love from home. *beams* I did suspect something was up when Donald got Andrew and Joanna’s mobile number from me. And even more suspicious when people were telling me via email and Facebook that Donald appeared in church! hahaha.

My uncle let the cat out of the bag though. No fault of his cos Donald didn’t say it was going to be a surprise. =P I still wasn’t sure about it was like anyways. So the surprise is not exactly spoilt. hehe.

I always love to hear the process more than the outcome. How he contacted my friends. How he got them to write the cards. How he met up with Justina in the morning a couple of hours before his flight. How he got my family involved.

Just like I loved to hear how he thought about proposing last Nov.

Just like how he thought about surprising me on my first birthday in Perth.

Just like how he thought about surprising me on my first birthday together.

Yes, I know I scored a decent, romantic husband. =D (can sense someone’s ego getting big liao….)

But apart from that, 2010 is gonna be an interesting year I reckon. Adjusting back to the SG lifestyle. New job. New family. Definitely looking forward to hanging out with friends again *uber beams*.

Maybe kids? hahaha. We’ll see.

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  1. You scored a decent, romantic husband and Donald got himself a fabulous wife too! 🙂 I can’t wait for you to be back!!