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I can’t believe mini monster is hitting 9 months end of this week. This realisation only just hit me when I was having difficulty taking his top off for his bath.

daddy, wake up!

daddy, wake up!

QT has gone from a tiny baby that could fit in my largest mixing bowl, to a 8+kg baby now, catching up very quickly and making his presence known in the household. He won’t take being ignored very easily.

I remembered with Ollie, I had all the time in the world and could spend my time nurturing him, engaging him with toys and books. I think I was reading to Ollie when he was about 7-8 months old. With QT..the only interaction he has with books is chewing them. Actually, he is WAY too interested in chewing that anything else.

Yet, nothing slows him down. He skipped crawling and went straight to pulling himself into a standing position at 7.5 months, and cruised by 8 months. Tummy position to a sitting position? No sweat. He is eager, and very interested in what Ollie does. He wants to be a part of it. Doesn’t matter if he isn’t surrounded by toys, he just wants to do what Ollie is doing. Or rather..chew what Ollie is playing with.

and that’s how the fight started. With Ollie pushing QT away and QT shrieking his head off, whilst holding on to dear life before letting go. Ai….

But Ollie is slowly seeing how fun it can be to play with a sibling, especially when QT laughing could tickle Ollie as well. I spent a moment last Friday, watching the two boys entertain each other, with QT laughing his head off at the antics of his brother. I couldn’t stop laughing either.

But again, wow, 9 months. It has just flown by like that. Ollie will start pre-nursery next January. We took him to his first gym class on Saturday. It was our first time as parents bringing him to a class. He seemed to adapt to the environment quickly, but however, yelled out “mummy! daddy!” periodically to make sure that we were still around. I asked Donald if we would be signing on a package. He said, naah, that it was a waste of time. And I wondered, a waste of time for whom? Granted, these activities were activities that I didn’t need to pay money for, and that I could do it myself at home if I wanted to. Ollie loved running around and there were trained instructors to teach him how to perform gymnastics properly. Perhaps the waste of time was more for the parents who had to stand/hover around for an hour waiting for their child when they could be elsewhere doing something else?

I dunno man.

The past couple of months have been hectic as we are expanding part of our business and both kids are sorta bearing the brunt of it. Life is more or less still normal, except that where possible, we’d farm them off to the grandparents over the weekend so that we could try to finish things up as quickly as possible. I was running on fumes late last week, and I decided that I needed a break. Met up with a girlfriend for lunch, and then for the first time in forever..*breaks out into a song* hahaha. Just kidding, but for the first time in a while, I caught up sleep over the weekend. It felt WAY too good to catch up on sleep. The kids and I went out a bit more so that I didn’t focus on work and Ollie would get more time AWAY from the iPad. We’d go walk around a mall, talking and cracking silly jokes.

Ollie’s getting to be a bit more of a cheeky monster. We were watching videos of him when he was about 15-18 mths old. Oh my, the language development! Aeroplanes went from “air!” to “aero-pwane” to “aero-puhlane“. Ollie would laugh at himself. Hahah. I love this kid to bits. But he is asserting his independence a lot. He has started figuring things out by himself and it is taking a lot out of me to not rein him in too much. Argh. Damn parenting.

Do I feel like I’m missing out on the kids’ development in the midst of working? I do. Even though I am home with them..half of my heart is not there. And I feel bad. Getting out of the house is a sure fire way to give them full attention. Which I foresee us doing so a lot more. It is physically tiring, but we spend more time together. We’ve got a deadline, so hopefully things will sort itself out from there then! But so far…October’s been a great month. Lots of opportunities and I’m thankful for it. Having my own business has never been more enriching. Speaking with the suppliers and being able to “talk” to them like friends (albeit over emails!).

For now, we’ll work a little and the rest of the time will be spent planning Daddy Ting’s bday cake with Ollie. He’s already decided on the flavour (obviously going to be Ollie’s favourite flavour and not Donald’s hahahaha).

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