a little calm after the storm

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mad day at work but loved every part of it. I like being busy… =P

goodness, how do u guys type using a qwerty keyboard on the phone? Bah. Yeah, I’m typing this entry using my phone and thank goodness for predictive text haha. Not so much for iphone users, no?

anyways, was pretty much told to shaddup at work today cos of my throat. Meh. I mean I’m the kind of student that got ‘too talkative’ comments in my report cards heh. That didn’t work.

working out schedules for the movers and the delivery of furniture. Thanks to two kind souls, namely Valerie n Joshua, we’ve added two more boxes of kitchen wards to our inventory. I honestly thought i was there to pick up some baking ware. I didn’t realise that i was there to pick up some awesome old school Chinese crockery. Which was awesome imo.

picked up some stuff for my dad, mom swung by to pick our stuff up n we were on our way, at 10pm. Yawn.

mom was kind enough to lend us the car for the following day, cos we went shopping at ….Ikea! Public holiday crowds are terrible. =( but errands had to be done. So yeah.

prior to that, we went and caught Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. It wasn’t a wow movie, but so many emotions were running thru! I teared at the beginning when hermonie casted the spell. So sad! I can’t wait for the finale.

welp, can almost smell the weekend. Another fulfilling day of work and it’s back to the drawing board with the contractor this Saturday finalising the finishing touches.

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