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Fully anticipating some err, crazy celebratory activities this weekend, I figured I might get a head start on this entry before I get a writer’s block on the night before! [Post edit: said crazy celebratory activities did not happen cos lao niang was hacking her lungs out and asleep by 9.30pm each night FML)


Ekskew me, are you a blogger? Err, I blog. But I associate calling someone a blogger with celebrity status leh. I’m not feymous so I do find calling myself a blogger pushing it a little. I mean, there is a dearth of posts written in here lately. Mostly verbal diarrhea of my musings about the kids, or the occasional review.

But hey, blogger or not, like the parent bloggers who wrote in the past 1.5 weeks, our blogs are memories of our lives, more so with the kids. 20 years ago when I first started blogging on Livejournal, Geocities and Diary-X (omg, do they still exist now), it was all about teenage angst, being misunderstood and crushing over a guy. Pffpt. Now it’s all about poop, temperaments, raising the kid the right way and what nots. Ahh..what a drastic learning curve. Writing is carthatic tho. I think most of us feel that way as we reminisce and write about the moments.

Anyhoos. The posts do provide my readers with a front of what it may seem like at Chateau de Tings. Calm kids, patient mother who tries to understand her kids, cooks on a regular basis, loads of enriching activities, outdoor activities. There is the chaotic side I swear! But better to reminisce on the good moments to make me feel thankful the bad moments aren’t THAT bad. It does help. So what is a normal day at le Chateau de Tings?

We get woken up between 6.30am to 7.30am. Woken up is loosely used as we try valiantly to get the kids back into bed before we know it is futile. Ollie or QT will wake up first and then hop over to the other bed to wake the other. Brilliant. The brotherhood has never been that solid. This happened after Daddy night-care started about 1 month ago. Usually starts with Ollie asking QT..

Do you want to go find mummy??” They barge into my room, and come up for a 2-min morning snuggle before raging. BREAKFAST TIME, MUMMY & DADDY” , then proceeds to switch off the air-conditioning cos remember CFC mummy??’ Yes I do remember but Y U NO remember when I tell you cannot switch on the air-con in the arvo?? (had to come up with CFC explanation cos cannot keep using the no-money excuse all the time haha)

oh the wonders of a good night's sleep; the parents get decent breakfasts

oh the wonders of a good night’s sleep; the parents get decent breakfasts

Breakfast is a dodgy affair. Usually the kids get a slice of bread with Nutella, and a cup of milk. Breakfast for the parents are..either what the kids hasn’t really finished and something more (usually more bread). But lately, I decided to be a little more adventurous by preparing a more decent breakfast, like sunny side up eggs, with sliced avocado, slices of ham, with a bowl of yoghurt with fresh fruits. Well, now that I am STTN without any interruptions, I figured I should reward the hubby a little with a good breakfast, no?

possible weekend breakfast

possible weekend breakfast

And also all in the bid for the hubby to lose weight =P (heavy breakfast means no lunch! hahaha).

By the time everyone’s fed & the sole breadwinner heads off to work, it’s 8.45am. And it’s time for laundry and to cook lunch. And maybe mop the floor…that hasn’t been mopped for 2 days. We used to mop it nightly when it was just Ollie. Then..more kids happened and err, more dust happened and we lived with it somewhat.

Hustle the kids to keep the toys with a promise of a movie (maybe Cinderella, or The Jungle Book, or Tangled), get them up on the sofa and do a quick mop, THEN do laundry and cook lunch, and maybe prep dinner.

pseudo mess-free painting

pseudo mess-free painting

Then it’s 9.45am. I usually die on the couch for a bit before the kids pounce on me for an activity. Hokaay. Wrack brain for some decent form of activity. With any luck, the kids might leave me alone for a bit whilst I do some work on the phone. Replying to emails, sorting out orders and courier deliveries. Maybe I get to prep some samples to send out if I am lucky. Or not cos Ollie will breathe down my neck about what I’m doing and how he wants to help. I let him stick some return labels occasionally. Otherwise, I am always breaking up a fight. OMFG. You guys have your own stuff! Why in the world does your brother’s stuff always look more interesting than yours??

View from sofa: mess on ONE side of the living room.

View from sofa: mess on ONE side of the living room.

OR if I am lucky….they do something funny and cute, and I will laugh and think about how I should blog about this later. (usually doesn’t happen a lot. Cos I forget about how I want to write it, and then the moment’s over. or you know, it happened like last year…..)

More hustling at 10.30am to get Ollie ready for school. Uniform, school bag, water bottle, shoes and socks. Dress QT and we’re out by 10.50am if we are lucky. Mostly cos I am rushing so much that I forget something.

grocery shopping with kiddo

grocery shopping with kiddo

School drop off done, and it means I get 3 hours of not-so me time! Off to do some grocery shopping (not everyday), grab a snack for QT, and then rush back by 12noon so that QT can have his nap for about 1.5 hours whilst I either nap with him or do some work (blog or business related). Then some speed-eating on QT’s part so that we can pick Ollie up from school at 2pm or maybe 2.15.pm. T_T” And we live like 2 mins away from school. Hahah. This is called fully utilising the school fees okay. #auntiemodeon

if you want dinner, you gotta make your own dinner!

if you want dinner, you gotta make your own dinner!

Post school activity. Really depends on the mood of the kids and me. Some days, we take a bus to Ikea. Some days we take a bus to Tampines 1 to the rooftop waterpark. Some days we just stay home and do another activity, like finger-painting, baking. Some days we just..watch copious amount of tv and iPad, whist momma does more work. Some days I try to grab a wefie..

Wefies happened only if they are strapped down.

Wefies happened only if they are strapped down.

Dinner prep usually starts at 4pm, so it is done by 5pm. Yes, the kids eat at 5pm. And then they sleep at 7pm. Dinner could range between one-pot everything (yong tau foo soup) to something more elaborate like steak to fuss free like pizza. We have family coming by on Weds and Thurs, so I usually try to cook something different those days. I miss my days of making sambal and rempah on weekends. Now my most fuss free ‘fancy’ dish is the babi sioh. Where got chance to try buah keluak one day??

Dinner on a good night (not seen in pic, pile of oily dishes & pots in sink)

Dinner on a good night (not seen in pic, pile of oily dishes & pots in sink)

My favourite time has to be 6.30pm when the hubby is home! He takes over and I go wash the dishes. So I can vege out. I never knew how therapeutic it is to be able to wash dishes in peace, and not have someone yelling ‘mommy!‘ every 5 minutes or be asked to look at something every 15 minutes. It’s just me, the sponge and the soap suds. Lemongrass & green tea scented soap suds mind you. Then it’s shower time, bedtime and peace and quiet until 6.30am the next morning.

Work commences when the kids are in bed, whether I am writing a review, or drafting up a post or consolidating orders. 75% of my free time is spent on the business, how to expand it, how to market it better, or even just doing up the orders. Doing up a diaper cake takes us awhile, both hubby & I doing our own share. Some nights it gets a little crazy if we have multiple orders. It could be a case of prepping & labelling the orders from Big Little Me whilst personalising the diaper cakes for TDCC. My work table is so messy it is ridiculous. I have stacks of papers EVERYWHERE. And I lose things every 5 mins. Bah.

All whilst listening out for any crying coming from the next room. Bedtime is usually around 12 – 1am, depending on the workload. We are more fortunate on weekends. The in laws take the kids on Saturdays until around 5pm, and then my parents take over from 8pm (the kids stayover) until the next day around 6pm. I’m thankful for this arrangement cos it really helps with weekend deliveries and errands for the week. I can do the marketing for the week on Sunday mornings in peace. The hubby and I could even go for a quiet breakfast and catch up…er usually about work. But some dates, I make sure it is all about us. Hey, parent bloggers are also a husband or a wife too! As my friend puts it, the love tank needs to be filled and there’s nothing like a good date between both to fill both tanks up that drive us through the week! =P


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  1. Wow, you started blogging 20 years ago! That makes you one pioneer in it. And gosh, you make rempah! Let me know if you ever share a recipe of it. I so love.

    • which rempah do you need? I follow this recipe book, Irene’s Peranakan Recipes, so far they are pretty spot on!

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