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my cheeky monster

how quickly time has flown.

haha, my mind sorta drew a blank when I tried to think of something to write for this post. I’m afraid it is going to be another “Oliver” directed post. Pretty much everything I do these days revolve around him. Hard not to when he gives such a cheeky grin eh?

At 5 months, Oliver’s has hit a fair bit of developmental milestones: sitting up, grasping,rolling over both sides & being able to turn back, starting on solids, finer eye-hand coordination. No teeth yet, but he’s definitely got a firm bite. This little monster of mine lives up to his Chinese name to the stroke – ” 恒”, which means perseverance / determination. It is kinda a good thing, and a wee bit of a bad thing.

Good thing – he is pretty determined to grab things when he wants it, no matter what he needs to do to get it. And I believe it is through that sheer determination, he has indirectly learnt how to rolled back once he has rolled over on to his tummy. That..and alot of squirming around. Many a times I would walk off to do some quick chores, only to walk back and find that he is quite far away from where he was last placed.

Bad thing – he gets frustrated easily, and is really impatient. Now that he has figured out the whole sitting up thing, next on his agenda is to start standing. Putting him into a sitting position is not easy any more as he would stiffen his legs to try and stand with your hands supporting him. If he is unable to get grab what he wants, he would fuss in frustration.

High on my list of things to teach him: patience. It is a lesson for me too. I’m not the most patient person, and yet I have to be more patient that this little one. Oh the lessons that I have to learn.

I can’t believe that half a year has gone by though. And that I would have been a SAHM for almost two months. I am getting used to it, and thanks to some parenting/mothering articles that fellow moms have been posting up on FB, I think I’m slowly regaining part of that sanity I have lost along the way.

I have learnt that Oliver is my biggest priority, and that everything else can wait (yes, the ironing, the mopping, the laundry). There are bits and pieces that I worry about, weaning him, nursing him to sleep, him being very attached to me, figuring out his sleeping & napping patterns. And then I remember that he is a baby, and that I should let him continue being a baby until he is ready to graduate to being a toddler. I remember that I am a SAHM and that I am fortunate to have that luxury to let Oliver be a baby till he is ready to be other. Let him continue feeding on demand, let him sleep on me as he wishes cos it makes him feel secure, let me nurse him to sleep, let him chew his fingers & not use a pacifier.

And just as I finished the previous paragraph, I had to attend to Oliver and have just spent the last 20-odd minutes putting him to sleep again. For now, I am attributing his messed up sleep patterns to teething (although no teeth yet….) and to growth spurts (damn those spurts). Whether it is or not, I do not know..but I just need a reason to keep pressing on!

With these new quirks he picks up as he grows, I haven’t been able to do much  baking. Would definitely love to try the recipe for the dinner rolls & wassant ever since I last went for the baking workshop. For now, I am just happy to do a quick batch of brownies to satiate my chocolate cravings.

Aye..parenting. I’ve got heaps more to learn.

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