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the past few weeks have been a little trying with Oliver and his sleeping patterns. One that has resulted in me taking naps together with him, both morning and afternoon nap. I needed those naps to be able to function and care for Ollie during the day. It got bad enough for me one night to tell Donald to take the morning off so I could sleep in.

I, for the life of me, could not figure out what brought upon the change in sleep patterns. We suspected the following:-
1) separation anxiety at night; or
2) brain activity due to motor & cognitive development

It was only lately that we thought it might be because he was sleeping too much during the day. He had been pulling longer naps without fussing in between. I was happy with that. I mean, I no longer had to soothe him to sleep again 30 mins into the nap!

I was telling D, free time during naps are so hard to give up. Those times, especially in the late arvo, allow me to prep stuff for dinner, tidy up the house a little more before Donald gets home and to chill after the morning and early arvo. But if it might disrupting Ollie’s sleep at night, I would have to reassess the situation.

So I would not soothe Ollie if he woke up after 30 mins into his second nap. That way, he would tire out and sleep earlier, and no longer past 9pm. Bedtime was brought back to 8.30pm, though by the time he settled down and actually slept, it would usually still be 9pm. He would also wake up earlier, at 7am instead of 8.30am.

It seemed to work so far. He slept for longer periods, ie, 3-4 hrs before fussing. I was slowly getting my sanity back and he was still sleeping long naps but waking earlier in the arvo.

So much trial and error. Phew. Now the next step would be to move him into his own room as we are suspecting he wakes up at the 3-4 hr mark because we are getting ready for bed. The noise may be waking him.

And I would have to get used to walking into the next room to soothe him if he fusses. Gaah..*grumbles*

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