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okay, so I’ve been a little slack with my posts. =P

well, there isn’t much to update lately. Except that we are now officially half a homeowner (yay!) and that I passed my driving test in Singapore (double yay!). So all’s good.

finally got a chance to catch up with Tina, Leon & Ken a couple of weeks ago, and we caught Sex and The City II. 4 ‘girls’ catching SATC II hahahha. We then had a late dinner at Coffee Club across from Cineleisure. Ahh..good times. =)

been catching up on listening to music at night lately. oh how i missed listening to music. Getting around on a motorbike doesn’t give me alot of opportunity to listen to the radio on the way to work. I don’t get to listen to the radio/mp3 player at work, cos that’s sorta not allowed. The only other time I get to listen to some is whilst jogging and that playlist in Donald’s iPod Shuffle (or watever it’s called) is really old, and I’m sick of hearing it.

So last night, I thought, enough was enough. I actually had to download this really bad program called iTunes just so I can get some decent music on the shuffle. why I say it’s really bad cos iTunes was really laggy (maybe it’s just not meant to be used on Windows) and it hung my laptop!! Meh. Not a very happy user if I might say so. It finally got the job done though. Well, and let’s just say I was impressed when it read Jay’s new cd like a breeze, i.e., right titles and all. So..I’ll give it that much credit.

Anyways, loaded the damn thing with all 9 of Jay’s albums (I don’t have his first album, sacrilege!) and I’m gonna spend alot of time memorising all the lyrics! hahah. Gotta prep myself for Jay’s concert you see. =P getting damn excited about it *bounces*.

Been getting the opportunity to cook at home (read: in-laws’ place) recently, only on those days where I wasn’t working. I had taken two days off last week to run some errands and for the HDB first appointment, so I put some time to good use and cooked. I was sick of eating out already. Tried the matcha chiffon cake recipe again on Sunday, after a first fail at my mom’s place. I decided to use cupcake cases instead of baking it in a round tin. The cupcakes were baked so much faster, and were easier to hand out and eat too! The cupcakes were a big success! hehe. There was just a tinge of sweetness to it, and the matcha taste was awesome. =) I had two sides of comments: the too bland-not sweet enough comment; and the matcha taste is fragrant-just sweet enough comment. Can’t please everyone but I’m happy with the matcha taste is fragrant comment. That was what I was attempting anyways. =P

we are almost done with our flat renovation designs. how exciting =P we are actually gonna make a decision by the end of the month!! *grin* I’m so excited at how my dream flat will turn out. One of the contractors was mean to send some 3D drawings over and gosh, it was just so bizarre seeing the drawings come alive. At least some of them. And it was really nice for a contractor to say that he really liked one of our ideas for our bedroom. *beams* wish I could have gotten a chance to tell him about my layered glass idea. =( too bad we shelved that idea cos it just wasn’t working out for our kitchen.

gotta hold back on the shopping urges now. our renovation budget is massive and I gotta save! URGH. Thank goodness I’m not in Oz now I guess =P happy EOFYS!! haha.

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