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between us, Donald and I are poles apart in character. oh digress abit, yesterday was our 5th month SG-wedding anniversary, so happy anniversary bebe. =) The significant one will be this Sat, haha. Donald reckons good things will happen on that day. We might find a house! That chance of happening is as good as I losing 15kg by this Sat as well.

So yar. Can’t wait for this Saturday then! hahaha.

Ban Seng, a friend of mine, was commenting about the wedding video he saw at the dinner last year and said that it was really special, and asked what it was like being married.

I laughed and said,’ well, we have been living together for the past four, so getting married was like ‘ooooo’ when signing the papers and ‘ooOO’ for that day, then it was back to normal liao’. Donald then gave me an incredulous look and went ‘what?!’ . I mean, it’s true to a certain extent what!! haha. I guess, the only thing different about being married is that you can’t be too flippant about things that you say any more, no? =P

Had coffee with Wah-kor on Tuesday, prior to meeting up with the rest for dinner to celebrate Joyce’s birthday. We spoke about heaps of stuff, it was really nice. In a way, sharing with a person the same things that you tell your husband, except this person doesn’t go ‘no you can’t do that!’ hahaha. Not saying that Donald does that, but because when I tell Donald, and it involves him, he might not be so open to listening me out, and have pre-assumptions even before I finish my spiel. It works both ways, chances are that I could very well be doing the same thing, so I’m very aware.

the birthday girl & cake

That’s not the point. Point is that I told Wah-kor that I feel that Donald and I are very much still in the honeymoon phase. There’s still alot of camaraderie between us, a nice enough dose of lovey dovey-ness without others getting sick of it, and a lot of fun. It’s like being kids sometimes. And for that I’m glad.

Prior to getting married, we’d have spoken. discussed and “discussed” (haha) about topics, issues very rhetorically. You never know what’s gonna happen in the future, and you don’t know enough to talk about anything other things in detail. We know that we want to have a proper balance between work and family, we know how we want to live our lives in Singapore, we know how we want to raise our kids.

Last night, we had a “discussion” about kids. About our kids and their clothes. He finds the idea of his first-born child wearing hand-me-downs appealing. Cos it’s cost effective. meaning, Donald’s cheap =P [he is very!! but more on that in the future, okay lah, not that bad cos he doesn’t restrict me on spending]. I’m sure it is very cost effective. But then, I find that a little wrong. Make that very wrong. Maybe I’m a snob in this area, but I don’t like the idea of wearing 2nd-hand clothes and for sure don’t want my kid to wear it. I’m uncomfortable with it. I don’t know who it’s from, I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know where it has been. Sure, chuck it in the wash and it’s all good. NO. Not good. It’s a mentality, a mindset, and it’s there to stay.

It’s like Donald and his OCD-ness on public transport. la sup jiak la sup tua, along the lines if you eat unhygienically, you grow up with a better immune system against it, which has some truths to it! You know, like when you were young, Moms only need to hear some kid has got chicken pox, and you are sent right over so that you catch the germs and get it over done with. Not sure about your mom, but mine does. Oops, I digress. That is a mentality, a mindset and it’s there to stay. I just usually laugh about it and let him be.

So laugh about mine, and let me be. =D Other reason I felt strongly against it was that if I were to have a kid, why deprive me of the pleasure of shopping for stuff for my kid?

 It’s like, ‘oh yay, we’re pregnant! oh, nothing to do liao, except stay home/work and just be pregnant. Nothing for you to do, move along move along. Just have the bloody kid. You’ve got EVERYTHING already.’ 

HOW SAD IS THAT?! Pek chek..the more I think about, the more irritated I get. Meh. Excitement dampener. It’s meant to be a whole new adventure, not half an adventure and I get to bear the crummy part of popping the baby. Geez.

Apart from that, we are settling into a routine. Donald and I have spent alot of time with each other and have no problems doing so even back in Singapore. Been trying not to go out too much with friends cos I’ll end up spending most of my ‘allowance’, and miss spending some time with him to talk about our day. He sleeps WAY too early in my opinion, but he rides, so I’d  rather him alert than sleepy. That means we are left with weekends, and his weekends are spent house-hunting (I’ve given up that role, I’ll only possessively hold the design role =P), my Sundays at church, and our weekends at family’s. How can we have such a big week!? I mean, where did all the time go? We used to have HEAPS of time in Perth. haha. DOH.

Anyhoos, end rant. Hmm, plan for the day, some job hunting, some work and off for a run at the gym. The dieting starts today, after a massive dinner last night to celebrate the parents-in-laws’ 30th wedding anniversary. I’ll have to run twice as long today. Was just telling my mother-in-law (MIL) that I don’t have a problem with running, it’s the feeling bored whilst running bit that puts me off. She suggested bringing the laptop along. Nah, not such a good idea. Can already imagine the potential laptop damage. =P

On another note, found it really amusing to find my MIL stooping next to the cats’ food bowl and teasing them this morning. Cos the boys were starving, and have been following her around the flat. cute.

Time to get a headstart, my morning started very late today already. Off to the treadmills!

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