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we’ve been busy lately. all 3 of us.

Donald and his website, Ollie and his developments, me and my bags.

Well Donald has been working hard at his website for the past couple of weeks as a result of this course that he attended last month. I must say it has been interesting watching him figure out building websites (ohhh the days of html, javasripting, now made easy with a click of the mouse). I have also learnt a little from seeing the thing that he does (who needs Photoshop when you have websites like Pixlr). It is still in its early days, so when something does come out of it, you can go check it out! =)

Now Ollie. I am hoping the 2-hour nursing thing is ending it’s run. For the past couple nights, he has been pulling some initial 3-hour sleep before waking up every 2 hourly, and last night, he pulled a 3-hour, and then a 4-hour! I told Donald, it could be that I have some severe memory loss that causes me to forget what happens every night between 1-3am and I have been absently nursing Ollie (which is most probably the case). But as far as I am concerned, Ollie woke at 1.30am, and then 5.20am when I checked the times. Whoo..there are some happy days (nights) ahead!

Ollie’s been testing his boundaries a fair bit. He is walking alot more (5-6 steps) and tests the waters when we tell him “no”. Just this morning, he tried putting a roll of Mentos into his mouth whilst I changed his diaper.

Me: No, don’t put that in your mouth. *pulls roll away*
Ollie: *slowly puts it towards his mouth again*
Me: No, mama said not to put that in your mouth *pulls it away again*
Ollie: *giggles, and slowly puts it towards his mouth again*

He knows what he’s doing!! Argh. I probably encouraged the behaviour when I laughed along with him. How not to? *sigh* He is developing pretty well cognitively. He is starting to copy some of our actions and some facial expressions (I think he has figured out his tongue and mouth). He blows raspberries on demand (you have to be able to blow it to him haha). Just the other night, Donald and I thought we should display more affections in front of Oliver, and gave each other a hug. What surprised us was that Oliver promptly burst into tears. We were like, what just happened there??. Donald picked him up and he immediately reached for me. And when Donald tried to hug me again with me carrying him, he pushed Donald away.

Jealous much, Ollie? *tease*

His methods of communicating his wants are more distinctive these days too. “Mama, mum-mum” in relation to food, or “mum mum mum mum” when he sees food and wants some. He acknowledges by saying “eh!” and points/gestures in the direction he wants to go when carried or when he wants to do something. Waves when you say bye to him, if he is okay to be left with whoever he is with. It does make things a little easier with him.

Yikes. This little fella turns 10 mths on a week’s time. Okay, clucky mode activated. Argh. Need a digression!!

Right. Bags. Haha. This little new hobby of mine is actually getting a little costly and I have placed self-imposed ban on buying more fabrics. *sigh* So hard to resist the prints! But hey, I am improving a little more! Hopefully enough to start selling some bags. Now..for some shameless plugging, please check out FourLittleThings. It is in its early stages, and I intend to continuously add on more stuff, so akan datang okay!! I will need any support, more support, some support. *pai seh*. But I am thoroughly enjoying it heaps. Given a bit more time (i.e., Ollie takes longer naps), I might be able to at some point come up with my own designs or customised bags. Top of my list is still my diaper bag! Gaah. I need to get down to designing that one.

But yes, thank you for your support in advance!

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