Detox week

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It was one of those moments where I felt our family (Donald, Ollie & myself) needed a time out. A week off for us.

Let me explain why.

Every week, my parents come over on a Wednesday for dinner and Donald’s come over on Thursday for dinner. Saturday and Sunday evenings are spent at Donald’s aunt’s place and either of my grandma’s place for dinner.
I was adamant that we should do so initially cos I wanted Ollie to know his relatives and be close to the family that we are close to.

Now that Ollie is familiar with them, I feel that we needed to take a step back and take a breather. Technically speaking, we only have 3 nights with Ollie, Donald gets half a weekend with Ollie and I don’t get uninterrupted time to cook and do some of the things I want.

With half my family away in Perth on a holiday for the week, I took the opportunity to tell the in laws we are taking a breather for the week. The detox week started yesterday and it was awesome.

Donald had a bit of a sleep in, I had a nap after Ollie woke Donald up, we headed out to grab oxtail stew ingredients, Ollie had a nap whilst I cooked & Donald went on a hunt for a bicycle to take Ollie cycling. We had a simple homecooked lunch, took Ollie out and then had a homecooked dinner. We finished the night off with Ollie in bed by 7.45pm and a movie.

We had more time to do stuff. It was a pleasant pace. I missed having the time to do some cooking at home at a leisurely pace. Donald decided that with a bicycle, he could take Ollie on Sunday morning bike rides. It was hard to do so previously cos with Ollie’s nap times, we have less time to search when we had to be at our relatives’ houses by a certain time.

Our parents are probably puzzled by the “week off” thing..afterall they think they are giving us a break when they come over to play with Ollie. I don’t deny they are giving us a break and I do appreciate that break. But just sometimes, we need to some stuff as a family too.

I am looking forward to this week’s detox already. Heh.

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