final shopping trip

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it’s been a while, but I spent the entire day shopping. Like full-scale shopping. *blissful sigh* I’m not going to be shopping for a long time.

and I had an awesome time. =D Started off at Harbourtown with a cup of iced white chocolate mocha and a cookie, then it was off to browsing, to check out the bargains before going in for the kill. *grin*3 hours later, it was off to the city for another round.

I had an objective in mind. Chinese New Year shopping! =) I needed a top, new jeans, new shoes, and a new bag. and those I got and more! hehe. I think I’ll have to forgo my massage cos of the damage done by the shopping. Ack.

The damage?

3 pairs of Levis jeans for $120
4 tops from MNG for $45
1 handbag from MNG for $27
1 pair of Reebok running shoes for $50
1 pair of Rivers heels for $18
1 top from Esprit for $20
2 polo tees from Cotton On for $20 for Donald
sheet set for $50

Ick. $350 worth of damage! Just as well I’m moving back to Singapore =( Haven’t found the shopping experience in SG to be fantastic..haha. Oh wells, maybe next time.

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