food feeds

miniature yams

food food and more food. and only at work. *groan*

recently, some of our Muslim colleagues celebrated Hari Raya on 10 September. and with that, our office had a sudden influx of goodies. biscuits, crisps and even muffins. it was a little crazy when half the goodies disappeared by the second day.

and it didn’t help that most containers of it was placed in front of my cubicle and the crisps were soooo addictive. =(

on top of that, I had colleagues who were constantly feeding me cos I am the unoffficial food-chargehand in the office.

home-cooked steamed sweet potatoes. steamed miniature yams that were only available around the mid-autumn festival (coming on 22nd Sept). mooncakes. rice porridge. soya beancurd pudding. my favourite 流沙包 (steamed salted egg & custard buns). savoury buns.

*takes a deep breath* I really need to get back to running. (so I keep saying =P)

and Donald & I went for a high-tea buffet today for our anniversary too. -_-”

we’ll see how far we go with this exercise routine. haha.

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