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Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince
Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince


Donald, Rachel & I went out to catch Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince last night. It was the first night that it was screening, and it being the school holidays as well, the cinema was PACKED. We had to meet up early just to queue up for the tickets and popcorn. Ack. Thanks to Renata, Donald & I had accumulated enough points to score a free ticket each which we obviously used to redeem for this movie, and we got a free popcorn & drink combo thanks to his credit card points too! For some reason, the cinema that we were in had really cushy seats! Leather cushy seats, with huge armrests (a bit of a bad point cos I don’t get to cozy up to the fiance..bah), lots of leg room too.  

That wasn’t very expensive =P haha.

The movie was so intense! Very dark, and emotional. You could see the turmoil and pain that each of the characters were going through. When I watched the movie, I couldn’t really remember what I had read in the book, so I was sorta winging it through the movie. Rachel, on the other hand, had read it ‘hundreds of times‘ according to Dan. haha. Whilst we were waiting for Donald to get the car (it started raining), she was going through bits of it, and told me stuff that I wouldn’t have thought about too! I think she really is a BIG fan.

microwaveable cup
microwaveable cup


Cos the movie was THAT long (about 2.5 hours), we didn’t get a chance to grab dinner after work and after the movie, cos Donald had to get home to sleep. Haven’t been sleeping well lately, so thought I’d stay up a little and cook today’s lunch else the chicken will be stewing in it’s ‘juices’ in the fridge after two days. yech. Turned out to be the perfect dish for today cos it’s bloody cold!! And I get to properly use my new microwaveable soup cup too. hehe. I’ve been dying to find a reason to use it, though the lid’s a little hard to remove and I’ve been practising just so that I don’t spill soup everywhere! (edit: darn, I just got laughed at for taking the lid off just to take a picture of the cup with soup innit. Pffffpt =P)

Home in 5 days time! I’ve been desperately wanting to pack my suitcase now. Must resist. If not, it’ll be like opening presents before Xmas. The novelty will wear off later. Haha. It’ll mostly be an empty suitcase with heaps of stuff requested from home. All my clothes will go into the backpack. I need a new medium sized suitcase. This large one is killing me! ARGH.

Hrm. My mind comes up with the most random thoughts when I’m doing things. Like ‘how much poop can you store before you need to poop everything out?’, and ‘is chilli really spicy, or it’s just a thing in chilli that reacts with your tongue and causes your brain to think that it is spicy?’ . Too much work for my brain, I usually give up, or if I’m really bored, just google it up.

Anyways, lunch time! Chicken & leek hotpot for lunch. Yums.

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