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this whole house hunting business is really something.

first it’s all about finding the one that meets all the criteria (i.e., location, floor, size..etc).

then it’s all about making sure it is the right one with no problems (no leaky ceilings..etc)

and then it’s about wondering if it’s the right one, and if we’ve got the financial capability to get it.

and then you do get it.

we were this close a couple of times, to getting a flat, the most recent being Sunday arvo. *sigh*. Called back on Monday, and poof, the flat was gone. major MEH-ness. We’re going to view another flat tonight. This time, we’re rallying all the troops and dragging them down to the flat to see if it’s any decent. haha. =P Maybe we’ll get this one. *hopeful*

Meeting up with Ken for lunch today downtown. Was talking to my mom and then found out that she was going to be in town to meet up with her best friend as well. And it turned out that both of us were meeting our friends at the same time, and the same place! Like what the…*hrm*.

Anyhoos, gonna do more work today, and then hunt for more jobs, and then chill with Ken for the rest of the day. =D

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