it’s only been one week

at the risk of sounding really sappy, it’s been only one week since he left. =(

what happened to the ‘time flies’ bit?! bleh.

anyways, the house hunting has been happening and I think we have just found the flat. albeit in a really ulu location. well, just because i have never ventured around that area, it is ulu to me okay. =P

can’t wait to redecorate!! hahah. and my kitchen, oh my kitchen. gonna see to it that it is decked out with proper kitchen stuff!!

The weather’s awesome today…although a wee bit too hot. Kenneth’s in town so we are head to Freo and then probably go looking at a laptop for me! Can’t wait!! I don’t know if I should wait for the post-Xmas sale or just get one now. Don’t think electronics are gonna be any cheaper during the sale. hmm.

Torn between the ‘want to get it down’ and ‘just wait!!’ feeling. With the purchase of this laptop, I can forget about the juicer. It’s either this or the juicer..and I’d rather go with the laptop. =D No frying pan too. *sigh*

Anyhoo, time to deck out the sunnies!

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