laundry chair

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laundry chair

laundry chair

Have you heard of a laundry chair? Do you own one? I have one. It sits in my room. And that pile of clothes that you see in the photo? Is probably about 4 loads of clean laundry.

Laundry that I detest folding. Urgh.

One night, Donald and I were folding like 3 loads of clean laundry. It looked as though we were packing for a holiday, except we weren’t going for one. *sad face* With two kids, one of which is drooling A LOT, reusable diapers, laundry has just upped its ante. Like from two loads a week to four loads a week.

I hope the washing machine doesn’t die on us any time soon. Haha. It still needs to tahan two more kids. =P

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