Letting go

The past few days have been really easygoing for both Ollie and me for some reason.

Let’s put it this way. I get bored really easily. I am fairly short tempered and when Ollie is grumpy/whingey/fussy, both of us get really cranky at each other. And the fact that I am pregnant now makes it worse cos I don’t go out that often as I can’t handle a toddler that is raring to go whilst handing a stroller and a diaper bag.

So how can staying home be more easygoing? Surely I must be bored to tears??

I surprised myself. And I figured, it is really a lot about letting go. I am a little anal about certain stuff that Ollie does. How things should be done and how he should not be doing certain things. All that has gone out of the window and Ollie is more compliant/obliging to do things that I request him to.

Sure there is a lot more mess around the house. But he is contented sitting in his room, pulling his books off the shelves and then spending an hour reading/looking through them. And then he spends another hour pulling packets of wipes out of his wardrobe and uses them as a step to reach up for more toys that I have put away previously.

This is all despite the toys he has poured out in the living and that he has gone through in the morning.

I would occasionally hear the cry of frustration as he tries to put something back or put something together. I would then check it out to see what I can do. He would occasionally pop out to say hi or to see what I was doing. We would spend some time on the sofa reading a book or in front of the fridge going through some alphabets. He would pop out to ask for markers so he could sit at his desk to do some “drawing” on his write-on book.

But this has worked well for both of us. He seems to enjoy this independence and I am enjoying the realisation that it is possible to have some minimal uninterrupted time to do stuff I wanna do, like baking. And even time to write this post via my mobile.

The best part of it so far, there is minimal or no tv involved. The monster has declared he is not interested in watching kiddie programs on tv. He would in fact switch the tv off if it was switched on. Haha. I’m not sure if I should be glad of it cos in the event that the monster is really bored, I would not have a trump card in my pocket left.

D had wondered if overexposure to the tv could cause the toddlers to lose interest. It is possible I guess. Ollie would be a prime example seeing how I had left the tv on for most mornings just so I could have some quiet time to do my chores. Then again, it could be that Ollie is growing up a little more and has figured out ways to keep himself entertained.

I do occasionally feel a little guilty that I am leaving him alone for long periods of time. But I thought, hey this would really work for me when #2 comes along. Haha who knows by then Ollie wouldn’t want to share his mama with his sibling. Ah wells.

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