long weekend ahead

finally, it’s been awhile since we had a long weekend. And this weekend is going to be full!

see, Donald turns 31 this Saturday. To be honest, it’s hard to think of him turning 31. I mean, we met when I was 23, and he was 25, which just makes me think like that was AGES ago.

Now, he’s getting ready to be a father..and well, getting older. *grin* But..at least he’s still the same Donald that I knew 6 years ago. And because dear Donald reads this blog..and doesn’t contribute, just so you’d know, there is a surprise coming this week, and then full on weekend.

5 Nov – Birthday

6 Nov – Dim sum lunch & mahjong later that day

7 Nov – family gathering at my place; menu to be decided

I think I’m going to have to take a day off to recover after all of that. *oops* But definitely looking forward to it!

On another note, went for the routine medical check up today, and Ollie’s still big. Hais. But in a good way. I had some time to kill in between the drawing of blood so I finally had a chance to check out on some administrative aspects of having a baby. And ohhh boy was it expensive. Babies sure cost alot of money! I wish that the admission officer could have been a little more interactive rather than giving me answers for the questions I asked, and not offering more. It was like:

me: could I check out the rates for delivery at xxx hospital?
officer: *prints me the rates*
me: I’m a patient with xxxxx, don’t you have a different ward for that?
officer: *prints me another set of rates*

…. not a satisfied customer. Granted I got the answers I wanted..but still. I would have appreciated if she could give me some options, instead of making me walk to and fro the clinic and the admissions office a couple of times only to find out that there was another element to what I wanted to find out. pfffpt.

After having to fast for close to 12 hours, I was dying to have a meal after the blood drawing and was happy to get a chance to eat my Beach Road Scissors-Cut Curry Rice 剪刀剪咖喱饭. Happiness. I asked for extra curry. mmM…awesome stuff. That satisfied my cravings for a while. *sigh* better get all my cravings sorted out  before my test results comes out tomorrow. heh.

Can’t wait for the weekend!

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