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as of today, I’ve got:

2kg pork spare ribs
4.7kg beef ribeye
2kg beef mince
4kg lamb chop
2.9kg boneless lamb leg
3kg various sausages
2.1kg lamb rack

and I’m a happy person. All thanks to my colleague who introduced me to buy direct from wholesalers! I reckon I’ve got enough meat to last me for a good 6 months. Spending over S$250 for so much meat does sound a little crazy, but I need my red meat without having to pay an arm & leg for it at the supermarkets!

Donald and I spent a good hour or so, sorting out the meat, and repacking them into smaller packets. The ribeye, lamb rack and pork ribs came in a massive piece, so it was just as well that the meat was slightly defrosted, and made hacking it into pieces much easier (I did tell Donald that he looked really masculine hacking the meat..haha, oh, the perks =P).

We put some of the lamb chops on the skillet this evening, and the smell of rosemary, black pepper and lamb just smelt awesome. The guys who sliced them up did a good job with the pieces! It did look a little thin, but it worked out nicely, where we didn’t have to take forever chewing thick chunks of meat.

Can’t say much about the slices of rib-eye that Donald sliced up…they were getting thicker and thicker as he got tired. hahah =P

I can foresee where some of the meats are going to end up on the menu for the week! mmMM….sausages for breakfast.

On a side note, watching Glee MTVs are sooo addictive!! ohoh, and collecting Jay’s concert dvd tomorrow! Can’t wait!

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