oh mama…

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oh mama...

oh mama…

excuse me whilst I gush verbally for the moment. just how rewarding is motherhood?? 

and please remind me I said this when I get frustrated with Ollie. Hahah. That is soooo gonna kick me back in the butt when I get into one of those moods.

Ollie is growing so quickly! He got a little taller, he’s lost that baby face and is growing nicely into a toddler. He picks up words very quickly, but probably uses it once or twice unless he really likes the word (i.e., juice, biscuit, bread, zip). He is a bundle of love, readily giving hugs to other kids, and giving me long good night kisses, which is very cute. He would go “mmmmmmm-uah!” with a slobbery kiss. He is trying really hard with self-feeding using utensils. Sometimes he is successful, but when he fails, he uses his hands. So..win win situation. He still gets his food =P

But this kid amazes me. I love it when he surprises me with words to communicate with me. I love it when I pick him up and he wraps his arms around me, then rests his little head of my shoulder whilst twiddling my hair. I love it when we play silly games. I love it when he is squealing and laughing away when Donald is showering him. I love it when he gives me a cheeky grin and runs off when I tell him to come over and put on his shoes.

Can there be any more love for this kid of mine from me? Probably and more.

I had a thought the other day, about God’s unconditional love for His children. Was this what it was? In my heart and mind, I know that I will always love Ollie no matter what he does. I would tell him off for playing wit the cats’ water bowl. He would look really contrite and come over for a cuddle. I will give him a kiss, a hug and then explain that water bowls are not for washing hands, and that it was for the cats. He will get another kiss and it will be all smiles. This is a minor thing for me, but probably a major thing for him. I dunno.

But what if one day he commits murder? I would still love him because he is my son, the child that I raised, not Ollie the murderer. But I would not condone his act. I would turn him in if he were to seek refuge in my house. Was this what God’s unconditional love is about? Yet I can’t really phantom God’s unconditional love towards me because..I guess I can’t see him. I can understand the concept, but how God applies it to me is still a huge question mark.

But hey, that’s for me to figure out one day. =) And I digress. Haha.

These days, Donald and I just stare at the monster sleeping between us early in the morning, and say to each other that we can’t believe we have such an awesome kid. I know..I’ll check in again when he hits 13, 14 and turns into an emo teenage. *roll eyes* I’ve learnt to let go a lot with Ollie now that he is a little older. A lot of guiding, a lot of patience and a lot of letting him do it his way. In return, I get lots of kisses and hugs. Win-win situation, yes?

I think so too.

Now to get my mojo back into NOT PROCRASTINATING. Argh.

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