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sunset along Matilda Bay, Perth

Spent Thursday evening walking along Matilda Bay with a friend, Jonno, who so kindly accompanied me to check out nice spots for a gathering happening next Saturday for my going-away. I’ve lived in Perth for 3 years now, and haven’t walked along that stretch. And to think I studied around that area and lived there for almost a year too!

I still can’t believe we walked for 2 hours though. We weren’t rushing, just walking along the bay. My feet was so sore after though. Was so glad that I decided to go home and change before coming out again.

Digressing: lol, just saw someone picking up my kerbside trash! the white little bench is gone. I hope someone will do some work to it and make it pretty again, like I was going to do. =(

Now, yes. Went home and changed into shorts and thongs. It was a long sweaty walk. I sure couldn’t really trust my feet to drive, but I got home in one piece. =D Also decided on a nice little spot at the end of Matilda Bay. *beams*

Took the boys for their vaccination today. Thomas was whinging as usual and had his 可怜 face on. haha. But it was all good. Was gonna go with Liza later that morning. To a certain extent, I’m glad we didn’t. I could barely handle two cats by myself, what more about 4 cats with 2 of us! I dropped by Peter’s to drop the cages off, and saw that they were having ‘fun’ putting their cats in. haha. So just as well I split the appointments. Now we have nice certificates to prove that the boys have had their jabs, yay!

Been tidying up the house bit by bit, room by room, slowly dismantling stuff and sorting out the stuff that are wanted by some of my friends. All to be picked up next week, hopefully. hehe. I should be busy enough next week to make the week fly by, and then it will be THE week where all the boxes gets picked up. Sold the piano today! Very happy it’s going to a good home. =D

Exciting, and not terribly exciting. Mixed feelings. But oh wells I guess.

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