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good grief, I haven’t written much about this child of mine, have I? It’s so hard to not write and then go, oh wait a minute, Ollie did that too. So meh.

Is this what it is like being a second child or having a second kid?


arrr matey!

QT is a little bit more special to me. I worry constantly about his development cos he arrived 6 weeks earlier. The PD mentioned a slight head lag during one of his visits and that got me googling head lag. Oh the plethora of information. I told Donald, “oh no, QT could be autistic!” hahah. damn you, Google.

I was determined to help QT be on par with Ollie at real age. I worried when he wasn’t lifting his head long enough.I worried when he didn’t flip. But of cos all that came to wrought. He did it his own way, all 6 weeks later, on par with Ollie at corrected age.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

QT still occasionally copped a couple of smacks frm Ollie but very rarely. I enjoyed watching the both of them at play. QT is starting to engage with his brother and would grin and smile each time Ollie grins or smiles at him. The two of them will squeal after one another (my poor ears) but it is all quite funny.

QT has his way of letting you know his displeasure by yelling his head off. Very very vocal. When quiet, he exudes this super zen look on his face, with the occasional quiet smile. Oh and he is sooo ticklish. Hahaha. I just love tickling him. Those chuckles are such music to my ears.

And he is my koala baby. A couple of weeks ago, I realised that he has been fairly physically attached to me. Well, apart from feeding, he is glued to me in the carrier when we go out, anywhere. And now, he will only sleep better if he sleeps on me or on Donald. The only way I can get any work done or any sleep for that matter. He clings on to my top for dear life if I am carrying him. I guess he is making up for all the moments we left him to himself when he was an infant haha.

I mean..seriously, second time round we realised that newborns are awesome! They actually let you eat in peace! The midnight feeds are NOTHING compared to being able to eat without being interrupted.

But QT is pretty cool. As his main caregiver, I have to say him reserving his best smiles for me and following me around with his eyes if he is carried by someone else is such a major perk. It sure as hell gives me a satisfaction that he knows who his momma is =P

There are days which totally drives me bat shits, having to babywear QT around and deal with Ollie, who absolutely wants to do what 弟弟 is doing. Those days, I tell Donald I will reconsider having a third kid. Haha. Then he takes over and I go do the dishes and veg out, and after I’m like okay! We can have another kid! again. This momma needs time out too.

But we’re good. The three of us. We poke fun of each other and then we laugh, we nap and then we wait for Daddy to come home.

And we do it all over again

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