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ahhh…the house is so quiet now. Cats are sleeping, the monster is taking his nap, and the hubby is taking a nap too. the only sounds resonating throughout the house is the noise from the traffic and the sound of rain.

I love moments like this. It gives me time to sit and reflect, think about how things have been.

Ollie just went through his first lunar new year. Last year this time, he was only two weeks old. I had missed out BIG TIME on all the new year munching and gatherings. This year, he had fun walking around, getting picked up by relatives and had his tiny fair share of new year goodies. I reckoned he loved the buttery goodness of the pineapple tarts.

Ever since Donald and I got married and had to do double the visitations (his family and mine), we decided that we would cram pretty much every visitation in one day and get it over and done with. We did the same with Oliver this year, and the poor fella had his naps all over the place and interrupted. We ended up crashing out in the car, in the carpark at my grandma’s place, all 3 of us. Haha. But what the heck. It was an awesome nap.

It is awesome that this year we got 4.5 days of celebration. Donald gets to spend a lot of time with Oliver and it is funny to watch the two of them whilst I get some chores done. I caught up on sleep as well, and it gives Ollie time to settle back into a more normal sleep routine. It is interesting to observe how Ollie would react & behave in an environment with a lot of people in one day. Mostly people he doesn’t see on a regular basis. He takes a couple of minutes to warm up to them, clinging to my leg for dear life, and then it is all systems go. Donald and I sorta get a break with so many people watching him, yay!

Yesterday, we had an early start to the morning because you know, the monster’s schedule doesn’t factor in public holidays and he wakes up at 7.30am. So we decided that we would have breakfast at Macca’s at the airport. Pancakes for the monster. I told Donald that we can count how often Ollie has pancakes at Macca’s based on the number of toys he gets from the Happy Meals. Doh. I really need to keep some buttermilk around and make those darn pancakes myself.

We constantly hang out at the airport because it is quiet, spacious and a great place for Ollie to run around. I know, weird right. It helps that there’s a coffee joint there, a supermarket and it is near our place. Some of the check-in rows are empty on the weekend and the floor is carpeted. Ollie gets a field day running amok and squealing away. How can you not love the happy squeals of your child?

The monster took his nap on time, plopped him in the stroller and Donald & I had some quiet time talking over a drink at the coffee joint. We talked about the visitation over the new year, getting a car, the costs of getting a car, how much we should space out having more kids, money and some dreams (being a millionaire haha). We probably could have some chats like this at night after Ollie has gone to bed, but somehow those times are spent catching up on what we didn’t do during the day. Speaking of which, I need to get down to sewing Ollie a toddler bag cos he keeps taking my bags and carries them round his neck, walking around the house!

But days like these, quiet moments for me to think about the moments filled with laughter, filled with the heavy footsteps of the monster, filled with the monster jabbering. Soon, these moments will pass and just remain in my memory as I watch him grow.

Hais..can’t wait for him to have siblings. This home has a lot more room to be filled with noise and laughter. =)

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