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who me??

dead quiet in the night, with the sound of the night buses roaring by on the street.

the monster is asleep, Donald’s in the shower and I finally get a chance to sit in front of the computer to pen down some thoughts.

I went to a friend’s house earlier this week with Ollie. I commented that there are times when I can’t believe that I am a mother. My friend, J, laughed and said, “this coming from the person who said that she only wanted kids who are 3 years & above”. Yep, I said that cos the younger me could not fathom caring for a tiny being, and dealing with possible incessant crying.

Oh how wrong I was. The best part has to be from 0 to 6 mths. Not so mobile, can’t communicate, and you can sit there staring at them without them trying to squirm away from your hold. These days, I spend my time holding a squirming Ollie, one who is so opinionated and not afraid to show his displeasure (grunt grunt straaaaaaaain, cough), not happy to sit in his high chair for long, pushes your hand away if he doesn’t want to eat what you are offering him, and actually flops in a corner to cry if you walk away from the play yard.

And this is coming from the same person who also said she hopes that all four kids will be boys. Hah. I must be digging my own grave.

But oh Ollie. How you’ve grown. I looked back at some photos, and he’s lost some of that baby fat. He’s grown taller and he is trying his best to communicate with his jabberings. Sometimes his antics are so funny that I burst into laughter in front of him, and he gives me this quizzical look before going ,”eh?” and then starting to grin, smile and laughing in his little funny way.

Motherhood has made me tear at my hair in frustration (nights when he wouldn’t settle down), brought me to tears (especially when he is crying in distress) and taken me on a journey that is so unique to every mother out there. And there is still something new every day. Half the time, they are FML moments. Like poop picking for D. hahaha. I told her, it must be a new low for her. Okay, I should not laugh. I will probably be doing that someday when Ollie is nearly 2. *sigh*

Can’t believe it is almost 9 months since he was born. His cousin, Olivia, is already going to turn 1 next week! I am busier with him, the number of photos I am taking of him has dropped drastically. Mostly because he is giving the cats, especially Marcus, a bad time with their tail. haha. We are progressing, slowly but surely. But where has time flown??!

On a totally different note, the choc chip cookie dough banana chocolate ice cream was pretty awesome. Pureeing banana was the way to go. =D Big success!

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