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zoology class conducted by QT

zoology class conducted by QT

we’re on a self-imposed break for these couple of days, just to catch up on life, and the mad amount of household chores. And most importantly on sleep. We were clocking about 5 hours of sleep each night, mine mostly interrupted cos of a nursing QT. I would catnap with the boys for like 15 minutes before I was back on the phone doing some work.

The sleep debt was ridiculous. I could barely open my eyes on Saturday morning. I left the kids with Donald and promptly went back to sleep for another hour. It felt SO good. Skipped the arvo nap with the boys again, and discussed work with Donald. That night, I told Donald we had to sleep early but it was still past midnight when we went to bed. By Sunday night, both of us were ready to surrender. We all turned in by 9pm and didn’t wake up till the next morning.

It felt SO good to sleep. I could think much better, I dealt with the boys so much better. I was on recharge mode, and caught up with most household chores all in one day including cook lunch and dinner. I told Donald we were to be on this break until after his birthday. I mean, obviously when you have your own business, you are never switched off. But at least we don’t talk about it. We were more relaxed about it, or rather I was. We were supposed to launch our new site (new business) this week but it’s been pushed back to Dec. It could be launched earlier, but look, we’ll take a bit more time, have a bit more of a rest and do things more clear-headedly. And Donald and I got less short-tempered with each other.

But of course, there’s always Murphy’s Law. Ollie got sick. Zzzz. He’s been having this annoying cough bug him for like the past couple of months. And then he got hit with a high fever since last arvo. *sigh* Paracetamol seemed to help keep it down, but it will rise again when it has worn off. Off we went to the dr’s this morning. He was quite the trooper to tahan waiting around for the dr for almost 2 hours. Came home and he crashed on my bed just after I changed the sheets. Woke up 30 minutes later, had some lunch and then crashed out again for the next 4 hours. I haven’t seen him sleep so much in ages!

Wait..there was that puking episode earlier this year where he slept the day away. Hrm.

Anyways..whilst OIllie lucked out, QT scored big time. He had full on attention from me with no interruptions from Ollie. We had a pretty good time playing around in the play yard, me telling him about the animals, reading him a book, trying to teach him how to stack rings, and we had a yoghurt snack which he loved!

I think I can look forward to these few hours that I will get some one-on-one time with him when Ollie goes to school next year!

I just upgraded QT’s pjs to the 9-12 month old ones. He fits in them WAY better than Ollie did at this stage! Come to think, I think Ollie didn’t even fit into his 9-12 month old sized PJs until he was almost 11 mths old. At this rate QT is growing..I think he is going to catch up with kor kor quickly! He is already 70cm tall. Yikes. Whoops. Turns out both of them are in the same weight/height range at this age, but QT gained a lot more compared to Ollie from the previous weight/height measure. How is it QT feels so much heavier than his brother??

Ooo..my poor back.



Back to this break. Thoroughly enjoying the respite before we plough on for the next couple of weeks. Can’t wait and I’m glad I’m working with my best friend. =)

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