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the little piggy on my back

Ollie turns 8 mths last week. That’s 2/3 of the year gone.

How quickly the year has passed has been the subject of my conversations with Donald recently. Ollie has grown taller, more talkative, is doing belly laughs and has progressed so much with motor development and cognition.

Motor development

Ollie started cruising around in the play yard right around early September and is pretty confident at it now. He has started extending the amount of time standing without holding on to anything, and basically started to let go of holding each time he has stood up. Last count was 11 seconds! Yikes..I have been keeping an eager eye out to see if he takes his first steps. Haha. Excuse this over eager mother here,

Recently, we moved Ollie’s play yard to my parents’ place as our new neighbours were doing some renovations to their flat. With the additional pairs of hands, Ollie’s had a field day crawling round their place on tiled floors. He sweats alot, making it slippery for him sometimes, but I do agree it is a change of scenery for him. He has taken to climbing up his mattress on the floor, commando crawling under the sofa, and crawling under the dining table.

With climbing up, he has no issues. But his depth perception..oh man, either he has not developed depth perception or he thinks he is a superhero. He is happy to try and crawl off the 5″ mattress without hesitation, and faceplant himself on the floor. Not only do we then need extra hands, try extra eyes as well.


It is much easier to sorta communicate with Oliver now. New words that he has understood are: “feed”, “give”, “nose”. Basically words that we can do actions to.

Out of the blue, he has decided that he knows how to play catch. *sigh* After bath time routines are never going to be the same again. Usually after his bath and putting his diaper on, we would go into the bedroom where we would moisturise him and put him in his PJs. One evening, after putting him on our bed, he gave me a look, squealed, crawled off over the pillows and bolsters before flopping himself on the pillows and looking at me before repeating it when I reached for him. I was like..WTH? I figured that Donald had given him some lessons or something.

A couple of days later, I asked Donald about it when the same thing happened to Donald. No, this is the first time it is happening to me! sez Ollie’s dad. I have to admit it is quite funny. Thought I didn’t expect the “Ting Chieu Heng Oliver, come back here!” to start that early. *wry grin*

Just last night we had a crawling-catch session, with him belly-laughing and squealing away at my parents’ place. It was nice to see everyone laughing at his antics. We did bring home a super sweaty baby though.

He has also been doing a lot more belly laughs over the slightest thing. His great grandma came over to visit and had fun making him laugh just by using his hands to poke at the curtains. Curtains! Now why do we buy all those toys for?? haha. Believe me, that thought has crossed my mind several times when things like the strap from the baby carrier, tissue paper, paper, pieces of cardboard, and crinkly plastic wrap can keep him entertained for ages.

We are currently planning another trip up north to Melaka again. Hah. Donald reckoned that it might be cheaper than staying in a fancy schmancy hotel in Singapore for a stayaction. We will be driving up this time, and it’s gonna be interesting to see how Ollie handles this trip. And it will be interesting how WE will handle this trip if he is able to walk then.

Harumph. Well…he may have a point. The cendol and laksa, and many many other awesome food will make up for it. =D

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