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finally back in Perth and slowly catching up on things. key word, slowly catching up.

work things. gardening things. cat things. home things. wedding things.

we got home at 3am on Tuesday morning. i think it was sorta one of the few bad flights I’ve had. Not that the crew or the flying were bad. I even had an extra seat to myself, which meant I would be able to stretch out and sleep.

But nooo. I got the worst case of blocked nose ever, and couldn’t sleep at all. Even 5 hour flights put me off now. Maybe it depends on the company. =P I wasn’t flying with the fiance. He wanted to be the cheapskate and fly Jetstar. *inno*

Got home, showered and crashed. I was so sleep deprived. Didn’t get much sleep when I was back in Singapore, and we were running errands most of the time. Was kinda insane in a way. Managed to catch up with a cool group of friends and I was happy. That was major quality time spent. Wanted to have some ‘me’ time on Sunday, since every thing was getting a little overwhelming. But I thought it might be a better idea to spend some time with the fiance, and well, catch up from each end. I managed to wander around at the new mall at Orchard, ION on Orchard or something. Seriously, the sea of people was crazy. I was basically squeezing my way around. That explains why I don’t shop much in Singapore. haha. WAY too claustrophobic. Then again, I didn’t have the time either.

Managed to do some grocery shopping yesterday. I decided to throw caution to the wind and not meal plan for the week. Just more veg, a couple of different meats and more veg. The grocery bill stayed the same. Which was good. Now to see the kind of meals I’ll end up cooking. Not good for the first night =( We ended up chucking a good bit of the whole chicken cos it was too dry after putting it in the slow cooker for a ginseng soup. The soup was good though. *beam*

Donald was starving after the food shop, and we thought we’d go top up the fuel tank first before grabbing some take away. We tried to use the GPS on Donald’s E66 to find out where the nearest Caltex in Dianella was. We got the directions, just that it wasn’t the Caltex that we wanted. In Perth, there’s the normal Caltex Starmart, and the Caltex Woolworths. And because we shop at Woolworths, we get a 4 cents/litre fuel voucher for spending more than $30. The GPS had basically directed us to Caltex Starmart. It would have been a 6 cents/litre saving if it was the right Caltex. Donald couldn’t care less, so we just filled up the tank.

The thing that made us go ‘aaahhhh‘ literally at the same time. *sigh* We saw a sign for House of Pasta and thought we’d do a pasta take away. Drove around the area, and maybe 20m away from the fuel station that we had just stopped at, was the Caltex Woolworths. GAAAH. Who in the right mind places two Caltexs within 20m of each other?! Granted the saving was only $1.80..but you know, it’s the principle! =P

Okay, I should get over it. Meh.

Anyways, I’ve uploaded some photos taken whilst back in Singapore and put them on Flickr. Enjoy! =)

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