a certain photo post on my FB feed has recently garnered a fair bit of responses from the mothers community, about what is right and what is wrong.

this morning, I read the caption to the photo to Donald and we were talking about how far we would allow it to go for Oliver. we talked about conforming to the norms so that Oliver may not feel like an outcast, versus letting him know that he will always have the support of his family no matter what his preferences are and potentially subject him to bullying just because he is different.

Tricky situation.

So far so good, we have not met with this situation yet. Donald and I have discussed parenting to a certain degree. I mean, we are first time parents afterall. Our parenting parameters still revolve around meal times and play times. haha. The easy peasy stuff.

mummy, give please??

Can’t believe more than half a year has gone, and I have been there at every step & moment of Oliver’s growth. The recent developments have been nothing more than amazing to me. Just watching the little monster go from crawling to pulling himself up to a standing position in a span of 1 month.

Certain conversations with him have led to me believing that he does understand what I say to him sometimes. Words like “come to mummy/Oliver, come”, “biscuit”, “yummy yummy”, “sit”, and “up”. I have been telling some of my friends that communicating with him is sometimes akin to training a puppy. It is pretty amusing to see his reactions to those words. Oliver plays in a play yard cushioned by a foam/rubber playmat. When he was only able to sit, and unable to crawl, we would have to step into the play yard to pick him up. Now he would understand that when either Donald or I say “Oliver, come”, he would wave his arms excitedly (as though processing what we just said) before crawling over to the gate, pull himself up to a standing position, and then wait to be picked up.

Saying “no” is a whole different thing altogether. It would depend on his mood. Most of the times, he is in a good mood, and he interprets “No” as a game. Sometimes he would give me that cheeky grin before persisting in what he was doing (mostly chewing on the baby monitor..gaah), or laughing at just hearing the word “no”. Like what the…

His baby gibberish has also increased alot, and he talks my ear off every morning. Right from the moment he wakes up *groan*, which is usually around 7am, before Donald leaves for work. He “eh”s at almost everything. Sees Marcus walk by, “eh!”, we step into the lift, “eh?”, sounding something like he is calling out to someone, “eh!”. If he is talking to himself, it is always “ah ya ya ya ya ya”, showing his teeth all around.

I can’t believe he is already 7 months old, going on 8.

I had a thought the other day about this. I haven’t been back at work for the past 8 months. Honestly, I had thoughts about it, especially during one of my bored afternoons, and my “have-enough-money-to-do-anything” kinda moments. I actually went down for a job interview last week. Fortunately, the interviewers at TaskAmigo¬†were generous enough to let me bring Oliver along, and one of the interviewers actually watched Ollie whilst I was chatting with the others! Look..I was curious enough for some stay home work, but no more than that. Thinking back, maybe I’m not ready for work yet. Maybe when all the kids are grown up. haha.

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