Sunday Brunch: Roasted Pumpkin

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Hmm, I think I might get used to this whole Sunday brunch thing. A good way to eat light and have some salads! Been wanting to try a mix of salads that have very little meat in them, so we won’t still feel hungry after the meal cos the meat feels us up a little. Sunday’s just a good day to sleep in a little, take my time with the cooking and serve up the light meal at about 11-11.30am.

Tried this roasted pumpkin dish today. Think I overcooked the pumpkin cos it was really soft! Didn’t have balsamic glaze so I omitted that (didn’t think it was worth it to buy a bottle when I might only use it once). The best part of it was the pancetta. mmM. Crispy, salty and so unhealthy haha. But tastes so good with the salad tho. Sorta like bacon bits but not so hard. Pancetta’s a little expensive but still so tasty. It could turn into an expensive habit. =(

Turkey dinner tonight!

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