wed dinner: roasted honey lemon chicken

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Ken was in town! So I thought I’d cook rather than head out to eat like we usually did. I almost forgot about it, and would have agreed to go out with Rachel until Donald reminded me about it. haha. oops. I didn’t have much time to marinate the chicken for 30mins (between getting home from work, chopping the whole chicken and talking with Donald), so I guess that’s why they weren’t as brown as they should have been. it tasted awesome, breast meat wasn’t too dry, which is always a good thing!

Darn, just spotted a typo in the recipe. That should read ‘3 tbsp olive oil’ rather than ‘3 tbsp p;ove po;’ haha, guess you can see where i’m typing.

Apart from the chicken, we had mussels too! Used my trusty recipe from ‘the perfect cookbook’. Recipe in the next post!

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