fighting sleep

definitely not me. I am already sleep deprived as it is. Pfffpt.

The monster has been fighting naps lately. Not sure if it’s because his motor skills are developing and there is a need for him to explore as much as possible. Not sure if it’s because he is teething, since his 3rd tooth is out and may be cutting his 4th. Not sure if it’s because I’m not feeding him enough.

At 7.5 months, Oliver’s got a pretty permanent routine (which is going down the drain after these two weeks I reckon..):

0700 : Wakes

0930 : Feeds & goes down for a 0.5 hr – 1.5 hr nap

1100 : Wakes & playtime

1300 : Lunch consisting of oatmeal & fruit

1500 : Small feed & goes down for another 1 hr nap

1600 : Wakes & playtime

1900 : Dinner consisting of oatmeal, veg puree & fruit

2000 : Bath time

2030 : Feed, & asleep by 2100

0100 : Wakes for a feed

0500: Wakes for a feed

However, for the past couple of days, he has been fighting his morning naps. Usually he would get sleepy at about 9am, and then after feeding him, he would sleep pretty much immediately. Now, putting him down for that nap involves him fussing & whinging away and me trying to soothe him for about 20 mins. And when he is tired out, he will just crash out in 2 mins. Gaah..

Just hoping it’s a phase cos he is napping in an unfamiliar environment! Apart from that…I had a beautiful 4 hour sleep when Ollie decided to sleep all the way from 9pm – 3.30am, skipping the 1am feed. Sweet!


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