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baed (bread). bam (jam). mealk (milk). mao (meow). woo woo (woof). neeeeigh (neigh). raaawr (roar). duck. pik (pig). bnoooor (elephant). ohp ohp (rabbit). zii zii (itsy bitsy spider). chtwee chtwee/bord (bird). bik (big). morl (small). uhg (hug). bat (pat). ummmmm-mah (kiss).  kit (biscuit). joosh (juice/water).  bor (brocolli). uh-mo (Elmo). no-no (Cookie Monster). Bi-bik (Big Bird). Orh (Oscar). Go (Grover). Eh-bie (Abbie). Di-di (Young Brother 弟弟). aeh (apple). nana (banana). paehr (pear). baehr (bear). wok wok (walk). ooesh (shoes). ock (socks). pee (penis). eah (ear). ead (head). mao (mouth/mouse). doe (toe). dar (star). djees (keys). dohr (door). deet (lift). beef (leaf). deh deh (daddy). book. bok (box). dare (there). bah (bus). dat (tap). mahp (map). Dor (Dora).

I think I pretty much have all the words / sounds that Ollie can say for now. they are the basic. enough for Ollie to communicate what he wants to us. Haha. He’s been able to almost immediately repeat the sounds that we say but usually it is a one off incident until much more repetition.

Fun days ahead!

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