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It’s been about..6 days since Ollie moved into his own room. The first couple of nights, we slept with him in the room to see how he was adjusting to the new environment. His room faced a major road and despite closing the windows, we could hear a lot of traffic going by until about 10pm. Thankfully, he slept through all that traffic. Possibly some ambient noise for him. haha.

But did it solve the problem of him of waking up so frequently? Naaah. Well, we are still in the early days and it was only last night that he started stretching his hours to 3-hourly than the 2-hourly. Yep, he was still doing 2 – 2.5-hourly wake ups. Yikes. All I could do was to nap whilst he napped during the day, and sleep earlier at night. Which meant not a lot of sewing done. =( But hey, he needed time to adjust.

So I keep reminding myself that.

I also needed some major adjusting. Our room didn’t feel the same without Oliver any more. I mean he had been sleeping in our room since we brought him home! But it also meant that we could be less careful about closing the doors, and could start watching tv in bed again (yes!!).

The first few nights we moved back into our room, it felt weird. And not being very used to listening out for the baby monitor throughout the night, I actually told Donald in my dream-like stupor that it was fine when he woke me to say that Ollie was crying. LOL. I was actually dreaming about hearing it too, and was trying to tell Donald that it was just a dream. haha. After that, I was all ears. Well, quarter of a ear.

Walking between rooms to check on him was a PITA (pain in know). It used to be get out of bed, pick him from cot, sit in nursing chair, nurse, put him back in cot. Now it was, get out of bed, open our room door, walk to Ollie’s room across the hallway (3-4 steps), open Ollie’s room door, pick him from cot, sit in nursing chair, nurse, put him back in cot..etc etc. It actually does wakes me up a little and unless I am very tired, I take a while to go back to sleep again.

*sigh* ohhh the pros and cons.

Otherwise, we are good. Ollie’s been really into self-entertaining these days, which leaves me a lot more time to do some stuff. I even managed to bake bread yesterday! Meals are a little more decent instead of a one point everything. So..phew. We are getting somewhere.

At least till the next change in routine. Yikes.

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