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As QT snuggled against me to settle himself back to sleep earlier, I couldn’t stop staring at him and marvel at how quickly he has grown. How could it be that he would turn 8 months this Friday? Or rather, 6.5 months corrected age?

Comparing him against Ollie, I would say QT is a high needs baby. Probably not on the extreme end of it, but well, Ollie was a relatively easy baby. Then again, I only had just one kid to handle. I had to constantly be in QT’s line of sight, else he would burst into tears and work himself up into a frenzy where crying would involve retching, gagging and then towards an even more frenzied crying. He would settle down fairly quickly if I picked him up, but on a bad day, he would continue sobbing before he could be soothed. That and he would cling on to me for dear life.

But that asides, he is a pretty smiley baby. He adores Ollie and would always try to wake Ollie up from his nap if he woke up earlier. And Ollie would tolerate, only because now I think he is slowly growing into the idea of what the role of an older brother plays. He would try to lift QT up to pull him away from the edge of the bed, he would eagerly run into my room in the morning to greet QT with a “弟弟啊!” imitating the way that I would usually call QT. Then the grinning between the two brothers will ensue.

Today, the three of us went on an adventure. I decided that we would go to Ikea to look for some materials. I wasn’t sure how the whole thing would pan out (anticipating toddler tantrums..bleh) but I thought, heck, we should give it a shot and see how it goes. Stroller free, toddler in hand, diaper tote bag and off we went.

We took a bus to Ikea, and Ollie spent his time looking out of the window, spelling words and identifying them, asking me what word this was..etc, in between sips of water and some oatmeal squares. I loved every moment of it. I actually felt that we had a conversation going on. QT fell asleep shortly after we got on the bus, so Ollie had some one-on-one time with me. It was fairly quiet at Ikea at 10am in the morning, so I allowed Ollie to wander around on his own but he kept fairly close to me. We had discussed our expectations before we left the house, that he would hold my hand whilst we were out and that he would listen to instructions. We managed the first level of Ikea easily and then he decided that he wanted a snack at the cafe before heading down to the next level. “Ollie want applesauce!” And applesauce he got, which he nicely shared with QT.

We left Ikea an hour later, and waited for the free shuttle bus to take us to Tampines where we went to Daiso…and Awfully Chocolate, and Black Ball *innocent look* Okok, it isn’t very often that I have such a successful time going out with two kids in tow and no stroller okay! So must reward! Asked the monster if he wanted to take the train or the bus home. He said “train, mummy! We take the train to EW5.” So..train it was.

We got home in one piece, no tantrums, he ate his lunch quietly on his own whilst watching his favourite cartoon, I got to feed QT in peace. Then we all crashed out for a nap.

Wow. Like what happened this morning? Was it all about managing expectations? I was so super impressed with Ollie! I actually made it feel like I could do this a lot more with him and QT!

Ollie’s been going on a pretend play overload. A parcel for us arrived a couple of weeks ago and it came in a huge box. Donald had promised Ollie that he would not throw the box away and Ollie could sit in it. Now, it is an interchangeable car and MRT train for him, complete with windows, and a registration plate. I have to say I enjoyed drawing what he requested on the box and seeing his face lit up in amazement and having his own car. My day is now peppered with ‘Mummy can you come inside with me?” to which I would respond that I am way too big to fit in the box, and he would follow up with “but 弟弟 can come inside.” and then I would have to explain yes, he can cos he is smaller but technically he can’t cos he cannot really sit that well in a box.

When you get a car of your own, Ollie, mummy will want to have the first ride in it. =)

And QT! Oh boy..I think all those 3-hourly nursings are paying off. He is sleeping longer at night now, which doesn’t really make much difference after a while. But this fella gave me a surprise by pulling himself up in his cot to a standing position. If I had not caught him in time, he would have flipped himself over the railing. Yikes! Heart attack! So daddy Ting had to quickly lower the bed to its lowest. I would then leave the cot door lowered (opened). At that height, QT could still easily pull himself up but the door would be up to just below his shoulders. So pulling himself to standing position (he did that in the play yard quickly they learn), pushing himself to pumping position and rocking himself on fours. All in a go.

Before I know it, I will probably be celebrating their birthdays. *goes all emo* WTH. Now..if QT could call me mama …=P

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