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I want to marry you cos you let me indulge in my whims most of the time, esp. when it comes to gardening. (yep, backbreaking work & all)

ever since we first viewed the current place that we’re renting, I had this vision of fully utilising the backyard, and turning half of it into a veggie garden. And now it’s flourishing.

We’ve got leek, snail-bitten celery, heaps of parsley, spinach, peas, beans, tomato seedlings, even the odd butternut pumpkin. Donald has been supportive. And by supportive, I mean he’ll spend an arvo pulling out the weeds so that I could extend my veggie patch. He’ll go out in the dark with me to pick snails to try and eliminate the snail population. He’ll mow the backyard so that the weeds doesn’t enroach into my veggie patch. He’ll pull the weeds out of the veggie patch. He’ll build me a lattice for my pumpkins.

Even though he thinks gardening is a waste of time. Just as long as it’s not a waste of time in my opinion. =)

We had awesome baby carrots the other day. Delish. *beams*

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