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I want to marry you cos you actually want to enhance my garden with a nice area for herbs! =)

– 11/7

I subscribe to this magazine called Real Living, and there are some awesome ideas on doing up a herb garden. Basically the garden that we have now, it’s functional, but not very pretty looking. It’s not like we are gonna spend heaps to do up the garden since we are renting. And that’s Donald’s reason for not wanting a share in the garden cos..well, it’s not ours. But we saw a lovely idea to do up a nice herb garden. Through our months of going to garage sales, we’ve picked up a fair bit of free pavers for the garden, and have some left behind. He’s actually offered to do the upward-spiraling herb garden for me.

For someone who wants no share in the garden, you sure know what it means to me for you to mow it, rip out the weeds, plow it and want to build me a herb garden. =)

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