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Daddy Ting & Ollie on the many bike rides.

Daddy Ting & Ollie on the many bike rides.

Daddy Ting aka Donald has a blog..but he is a little shy at sharing some of his innermost thoughts so I am not allowed to share his blog address. Recently, he wrote a post about Ollie which I read and absolutely loved it. It speaks so much about Ollie being his pride and joy, and it was really heartwarming. I have asked Daddy Ting’s permission to post this, and he has approved of it.

“Daddy is mine!

My son is my pride and joy. Just today I was telling him that I did not bring my wallet or phone out. So I was telling him that “I have nothing except you”, cos I was carrying him. As soon as I said that, it seems natural that a second phrase follows “and that means I have everything”. He probably doesn’t understand what it means now but to me, it is so true.

Ok, back to the main topic. This morning, we were in the pool and just minding our own business and enjoying the scenery. Then two other kiddos decided they they wanted to play with us. So they ganged up and started this pretend play of them firing at us with rifles and bazookas. It was all for fun, so to decided to entertain them. So I got my son to pretend that he is holding a bow and arrow to fire at them and at the same time doing the matrix thing of dodging the bullets. Their “hostility” escalated quickly, to a point where they were physically climbing on to me and holding onto my limbs while I was carrying my son ready for the escape. It was to one point where the mother of one of the boys came up and ask if her son was bothering me.

It was at this point when I realized that my son started to hold me tighter and saying “mine, mine”. I had initially thought he was scared of the “attacks” and how the boys were climbing over me and trying to strangle me. I was wrong, from my son’s perspective, it probably meant that the boys are too close to his daddy for his comfort and he is claiming his daddy back. The actions of the boys climbing over me and putting their arms around me neck probably doesn’t register as hostile actions to him but a sign of closeness, something like a hug, to him. Pairing with what my son was saying, it went ‘click’, he was holding me tighter because he wants to be in possession of me, and only he can hold me so tight. It is heart-warming and really one of those feel good moments. I am really glad to have him as my son.”

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