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waiting for Donald to sort out some train timings for our journey to Haneda airport, and then onwards to Sapporo! absolutely can’t wait. We’ve had some awesome memories in Hokkaido, so definitely looking forward to revisiting some familiar places.

It’s been a whirlwind weekend and trip for us. The wedding on Saturday was awesome, on a whole level different to the one we had in Perth. We had fun at the outdoor shoot even though it was scorching. Thanks to my lovely bridesmaids and groomsmen who made the whole day so memorable! =) We had a lovely photographer who indulged in various silliness of us as well. haha.

Will attempt to blog the day bit by bit, followed by our trip. Hopefully there’ll be a fair bit of decent photos! Can’t wait for the wedding photos to be done! hehe.

Till then, it’s off to Umeda, Osaka for shopping. 2.6km of shopping streets! *swoon*

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