October Babies Bash: Thermos

Being a mother of 3, time is precious for me. Having kids of different ages and different schedules also meant that I had to cater to two groups of eaters. Sarah is only 15mo and I had to give her the softer food diet compared to her brothers. I mean, the portions she eat is so little! How to cook siah.

Once upon a time, I was into bulk freezing for her. I do still freeze stock but I think that was pretty much the extent that I was preparing for her meals. Pretty much everything else was me winging it. It would be plain porridge plus a food pouch, or leftovers from the night before.

Compared to what her brothers had, I think what she was having is a little miserable leh. Hahahha. #thirdkidlife

I had previously heard of claims that we could cook rice porridge in a food jar. To be honest, it works! But that was all there was I would dare to do. Just..well, plain porridge. I didn’t dare to try out with meats. I mean, what if the meat was undercooked? I couldn’t risk serving Sarah undercooked meat yikes.

Then I happened to chance upon a Thermos ad on Facebook which showed a video demo of cooking macaroni and cheese pasta in the food jar. Whut?? Where have I been living? A quick search on Google gave me a plethora of recipes on the Thermos website for cooking in their food jars. All tried and tested hor!

Yes I had to try the pasta haha. And it cooked so quickly! Wah piang, no need to stand over the stove to add oil, salt and watch the water boil. FML. As long as your meats were diced into smaller pieces, or you used mince, it will cook just fine. I have used minced meats (chicken & pork), thinly sliced threadfin and they were cooked perfectly well.

I contacted Thermos regarding a collaboration because I genuinely wanted to give it a shot and share with mummies. Here is a company who actually collaborated with a little community of people sharing successful recipes using the various products, and photos to show their results. The Marketing team was also kind enough to share with me how the food jar works (vacuum insulation technology) to keep the food warm or cold, what was the optimum way to keep food hot/cold as long as possible (filling it up as much as possible so reducing air pockets). I was excited to be given an opportunity to demo it to the mummies at the bash, especially when our babies were at the age of eating more porridge and mummies were getting more adventurous at bringing their little ones out and overseas.

The jar is vacuum insulated and as long as the ingredients that you put in are hot (scalded/soaked in hot water for a while), jar has been preheated, the jar will cook the ingredients over time. So we are talking about dicing, grating vegetables, using corn kernels. I tend to abstain from using brocolli cos I cannot stand the smell of overcooked brocolli, but if you throw in tiny florets say 30mins before you scoop out the first portion, it can cook it. Do bear in mind that any instances of opening the jar would be substantial loss of heat, so do choose veggies that will cook very easily (like spinach).

Prior to the bash, I was testing a few recipes with various types of meats and even fish. OMG, so so happy that I can pretty much cook a more flavourful porridge for Sarah to eat for her meals!

What I have tried so far:

  • pork porridge with pumpkin, celery, corn kernels and carrot
  • pork porridge with pumpkin and broccoli
  • minced pork porridge with carrot
  • minced chicken with pumpkin
  • sliced thread fin with soft pork bones and corn kernels

Pork porridge with celery, pumpkin and corn

Fish porridge with corn

I learnt a few things like how carrots need a longer time to cook, so grating them helps; scoring marinated minced meat will remove a fair bit of the flavour but will still have a hint of flavours. If you have time, you can boil stock and use that instead of hot water. Porridge will still be super yummy!

You will notice that I have used pork in most of the recipes above. I used a mix of soft pork bones and pork tenderloin to flavour the porridge. It did help to remove the fishy smell in the fish porridge as well.

One of questions commonly asked was how long can the heat be retained if one portion is scooped out. Definitely a minimum of 8 hours. So it would be along the lines of : 9am cook, 12 noon steaming hot, quickly scoop one portion out, lid back, 6pm balance is still piping hot. Not warm hor, is HOT. haha.

I have used both the 0.5L and 0.7L jars. For the 0.7L Stainless Steel King, I have used it to cook soup. Soup can be ‘cooked’ by the 3 hour mark but it will be relatively bland. For a more robust flavour, I would recommend cooking it for more than 5 hours. I used the 0.5L jar to cook a pork, celery, pumpkin, carrot (diced), corn soup, starting at 8am and drinking at 5pm. Woaaaah. The flavour is awesome! No salt required. Just natural goodness!

Here are some photos of what the mummies in Oct 16 group have been up to post bash with their Thermos food jars, Shuttle Chef and Stainless Steel Kings!

Soup using Stainless Steel King, cooked from 8.30am, taken at 7.30pm.

Lotus Root Soup using Shuttle Chef

Tomato soup using Shuttle Chef

Porridge using Thermos Food Jar

Really really grateful to be given this opportunity to share this! We had a lot of fun at the bash but I do feel bad that I didn’t do a decent demo that was up to expectation. Thermos was really really kind to us and said they understood it was a more casual event. Really glad to have my supportive mummies who listened to the short demo and were daring enough to try the porridge I prepped at the event!

What else do I like about the food jar?

  1. WIDE OPENING. I cannot stress how important that is. I compared it with this other food jar I had, and Thermos Food Jar definitely has a wider opening, easier to use a dinner spoon to put ingredients in, scoop out and wash the jar!
  2. Minimal parts to wash: just the jar, silicon ring, inner lid and outer lid.
  3. Easy to reach areas to wash too! 4.
  4. Price. It is NOT expensive.
    1. 400ml Food Jar RRP$49
    2. 500ml Food Jar RRP $55
    3. 710ml Food Jar RRP$65

What else is there not to like right? Hahaha after I obtained the 500ml food jar, I went and bought the 710ml food jar cos at 15mo, 500ml is not really big enough to contain enough porridge for Sarah to eat. Oh, the 710ml food jar comes with a foldable spoon too!

Just in case you are thinking about cooking porridge in the cute Foogo food jar that you have, it is not advisable to do so as they do not have the inner lid like the ones for the JBM-series and Stainless King series. This additional inner lid cover assist to optimise better heat retention and hence is more suitable for cooking. However, they do share the same vacuum insulation technology as the JBM and Stainless King series and keep food warm or cold for at least 4-6 hours.

So show you how simple it is to cook porridge in the food jar, I’ve included a video that I’ve done.

Thanks Thermos for helping us make this all happen! Definitely will be bringing my jars on my trip next year!

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Thermos Singapore. The JBM-500 CA Food Jar and 3 x Thermos Straw Bottles were sponsored for the event. Opinions stated in this post are entirely of my own. 

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October Babies Bash: [Review] The Private Kitchen Catering

The Private Kitchen Catering set up

With every event, obviously we’d need to think about food! Our catering decision was a little last minute as we had to see how much budget we had left.

So so so thankful that The Private Kitchen was able to take us in at such late notice! And if you are looking for good food and awesome service? They have got it. Mind you, this is not a sponsored post hor. We paid for the catering, though Lynda, the founder, was kind enough to provide us with some freebies!

Firstly, service. When I first looked at their menu, I was a little crestfallen. None of the packages fit our budget. Hahah. Like damn cham can. Like how were we going to feed 65 adults, 21 kids and 43 toddlers! Okay, granted the mummies would have prepped food for the toddlers lah. But still a significant number of people.

I spoke with Lynda about our event, the number of adults, kids and toddlers. We discussed the menu according to our budget and I thought I’d try my luck and ask if they could cook a simple dish and cater to the toddlers. To be honest, I have never heard of anyone doing it before. And oh my tian, Lynda decided to step up to it. She informed me that she will prepare something for the toddlers.

Woah. Okay!

As we went through the menu, she also made sure that the menu she suggested would be suitable for the kids. Instead of a sweet & sour fish, she suggested a fish fillet and fish balls as finger foods for the kids. She also proposed that we did 50% noodles, 50% fried rice so that we would have more variety.

For the toddlers, it was something very simple. A porridge cooked in chicken stock, potato and carrots. No msg. And she even asked if around 200ml per toddler was sufficient! That morning of the event, she went and taste tested the porridge, took a picture and sent it to me.

So much love!

morning taste test

It was genuinely a pleasure liasing with her. There was a lot of thought going into this catering process and the mummies definitely appreciated it! There were a lot of cheer going on within our chatgroup when they found out they didn’t need to wake up early to prep food for the toddlers! Hahaha, extra sleep is a bonus hor!

Soo, let the photos do the talking and there is a Christmas & Lunar New Year 2018 promo that I’ll share with you after!

yummy food!

Top left to right: No MSG! (must stress that!)
Set up, Fried Rice, Emperor Noodles
Chicken Curry, Spinach Tofu, Fish Fillet
Fishballs, Complimentary Cream puffs,White Fungus Apple Longan Dessert,  Porridge

We also had pink guava juice which I didn’t take photos of.

Close up!

The spinach tofu, chicken curry and noodles were a hit! I loved the dessert cos it was so refreshing after emceeing/yelling my head off hahaha.

Yummy porridge suitable for our palate and tummies!


Mummy gets to enjoy too!

I have to give it to the crew who climbed up 2 flights of stairs to the function room. Just two of them and they were lugging it and down. Xin ku ni men le!

All empty!

Were the portions enough? To be honest, we can’t tell. We did feel that they weren’t enough cos some of us didn’t get to it much, or didn’t get to eat any at all! But we can’t tell if there was enough and there just wasn’t any food left cos the food was too yummy that people ate more than what was enough for them. Hahaha. So you know ah, if you order from The Private Kitchen, fastest fingers first hor! We had mummies tabaoing the curry chicken home (oh the bottom bits were the best, cos all the good stuff is at the bottom!), and porridge too! I didn’t even get to eat the cream puffs! Lynda had so kindly given us some cream puffs as desserts for the kids!

GO WHERE AND FIND SUCH THOUGHTFUL CATERER?? The committee members were very impressed. I am really glad we went with them.

So yes, for the Christmas & Lunar New Year promo! The Private Kitchen is offering the following:

Christmas Promo
– complimentary Delightful Christmas Chocolate Cream Puffs with orders above $250

Lunar New Year 2018 Promo
– complimentary Fortune Ingots with orders above $388 (the ingots are like fried dumplings)

For more information:



Contact: 6659 1418

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October Babies Bash: [Review] Offspring Natural + Giveaway

Diaper model..or not.

You might have seen their ads popping up on your instagram or Facebook feed in July. Cute diaper prints. It definitely caught my attention. And I thought WTH. Let’s give it a shot. I mean, these are cheaper than the ones from Honest Co, nearer to me and they look damn chic AF.

I bit the bullet and bought my first bundle together with some mummies. Free shipping if you spent RM150 and above. Easy to hit leh.

Our first order!

I haven’t looked back since. Diaper changing has never gotten more fun. Hahaha. I mean, how often do you get to say ‘hmm..I think we’ll wear the lemon print ones today.’??

Walk-in Wardrobe for her diapers.

What do I love about it? Again, another environmentally conscious company. They take care to use sustainable materials, and animal cruelty free.

” Fashionable designer prints; created with ink that’s free of lead and heavy metal

Ultra-Breathable inner and outer diaper layers; made with woodpulp from FSC certified sustainable forests (FSC C133010)

Completely free of dyes, fragrances, lotions, chloride, phthalates, optical brighteners and latex.”

And all these at a fairly affordable price. I’m serious. Have you seen how much 7th Generation diapers cost?? This is comparing apple to apple hor.

Swimming in diapers

When I approached Offspring Natural, I wasn’t sure how they would react. Hahah I mean, a Malaysian company sponsoring a Singaporean event? And with only 45 mummies to boot? Gotta be kidding right? But I had hoped they would be willing to sponsor us some trial pack of diapers so that we could share with our mummies. Some of the mummies who bought together with me are in the committee and we thought the diapers were awesome!

diaper prints galoooore

They got back to me and they went above and beyond. I am so so mindblown by what they sent. A gift box full of stuff like this.

Offspring Gift Box

I was shocked when the courier came with so many cartons. I was wondering if I had accidentally placed additional orders of diapers. Not possible lah, but you never know!

Beyond that, now let me tell you why you should give Offspring Natural diapers a chance.

They are really quite soft. Soft in the way of cushy. Some of the diapers we have tried before feel plasticky and like the waist bad is a little scratchy. I’m sure diapers have come a long way, and most of them have improved the diapers. The only area of concern is the fasteners which is a little scratchy (doesn’t get on the skin). It’s just made it easier for Sarah to peel the diaper off cos it has some friction. Gaah, bad Sarah!

They have held up for us for day and night wearing. After a whole night of wee and sleeping in an air-conditioned room, she wakes up with a heavy diaper and dry bum. Yaay. I did press my palm down on the heavy diaper and was happy to just feel a cool sensation (not wet) and my palm was dry after I lifted it off.

They are thin. It makes putting on shorts, tights and leggings easier without the extra poufyness of diapers. Which ALSO means that I can easily put more diapers in the diaper clutch too! But hey, if you want even thinner ones, they have Ultra Thin diapers too! Size wise, I do find them to be on the generous fit side.

L size: Pampers Premium vs Offspring Natural

It doesn’t seem to have a funky smell after it is full. I’ve tried a few other brands of diapers prior to making the switch. Different diapers for different age due to cost and usage basically. Well obviously pee has the smell of ammonia. With previous brands I used, it always seemed to be ammonia mixed with some other smell. I do a fair bit of sniffing wet diapers no thanks to the boys getting UTI when they were infants. Since then, I have been sniiffing wet diapers whenever they had a fever. Just in case.

FML seriously. Smell stinky poop butt not enough, also gotta smell wee.

So yeah, Offspring diapers just didn’t seem to have that kind of ‘other’ smell. Just wee.

Recently, they launched fashion pants diapers. My heart squealed but I think my wallet died a little. LOL. Of course I had to get some. The pants I find a little narrow on Sarah for size L. Will be switching her to XL to see how it works for her!

Some of the babies in their fashion pants!

To share the generousity of our sponsor, we’ll love to give away a goodie bag worth $175 which includes the Offspring Natural gift box! The gift box consists of

– Fashion Diaper Trial set
– Baby Essentials Trial pack
– 20 pcs Wipes
– Featherlite Ultrathin Pants
– a special discount code!

Gift box comes with diapers in either size L or XL only.

what’s in our goodie bag!

If you wish to try out the Offspring Natural diapers, they are having a sale from 8 – 15 Dec 2017! You can also use my referral code here. I do receive referral credits for each successful referral and you will also receive a first purchase discount of RM10. (Psst, save the RM10 for another purchase cos the 12.12 discount is better!)

Major plus point is free shipping to SG if you spend RM150 and above! If you are worried that you will have to buy only pants OR tape diapers, don’t worry. You can mix and match a bundle, like 4 packs of tape & 2 pants, or half and half. You even get to choose the designs you want and mix the sizes. It is all in your hands! Best buy liao.

1. Like the Facebook pages of Just Some Tings & Offspring Natural 
2. Leave a comment on my Facebook page; tell me how many fashion diaper prints there are and what other prints you would like to see on the diapers!
3. Giveaway closes 22 Dec 2017. Winners will be picked at random.
4. Winners to self-collect the items due to size and weight.

Disclaimer: These products were sponsored for the October 2016 Mummies & Monsters bash. No monetary benefits were received for this review. All opinions are made by me. 

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