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minnie mouse

ahh..Sarah is down with a cold. Figured she would be coming down with something since she was coughing last week, but only at night. Then two days ago, bam, the waterworks started. Sleep patterns got thrown out of whack. On top of the funk I was going through..totally not cool.

She preferred to be nursed sitting up, she wanted to fall asleep in my arms upright/against my chest on slight incline/on my shoulder.

She has a fierce temper. I just experienced that this arvo for..15 mins. OMFG. She could just go on and on..and it was fake crying. WTH. Fine, you win. Go play with your brothers instead of taking your nap.

This evening, she rested on my chest half-asleep, with me seated on my bed in a slight incline (no support for my back), legs raised to support her, in a rocking motion. I made a mental shrug and thought, hey I was pretty multi-functional. Not just multi-roles of chef, secretary, event planner, nurse/doctor, etc..the usuals hor. Multi-functional I say.

With her in the baby carrier, I’m the portable yaolan, bobbing around with knees slightly bent.

With her in my arms and swinging her, I was pretty much the eco-friendly car (err, minus the occasional methane)

With her against my chest as I rock her to sleep, I’m the rocker, webbed/daybed/Fisher Price version (take your pick).

No wonder my knees are giving out. Gah.

still my champion eater!

To the boys..I am also the…

..dictionary (loads of ‘mummy, how do you spell <insert word>?’)

…Google Maps (‘mummy, how are we going to get there?’)

…encyclopedia (‘mummy, why is the snake so long?’)

Seriously, the amount of reading up I have to do when the boys get interested in something. When Oliver was interested in space (still is!), it sure had me reading up a fair bit about it. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the process. And of course Matt Damon was fabulous in The Martian, as was George Clooney in Gravity & Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar. =P

Kidding. I was highly dependent on NatGeo for Kids. Need all the simplified words to process information. It’s all in good fun though.

Wonder what Quentin’s gonna be interested in. Music maybe?


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#throwback my pity party

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3rd February 2017

I turned on the stove to reheat the soup.

‘I miss eating hot food. Fresh hot food’ I thought as I started on the dishes. I almost never finish a meal completely these days..cos by the time I get to it, tit is cold and I am past the hunger stage. But yup, I was wallowing in my pity party.

Meanwhile, I hear noises from the boys’ room. Quentin is talking and then hubby yells at him, cue wailing. I had just walked out of said room 5 minutes earlier.

The door opens and Quentin walks out. 

‘Mummy. I don’t like Daddy. I like Mummy.’

I sighed, finished up the dish I was washing, turned off the stove (bye bye hot soup again), grabbed a granola cluster from the fridge to stave the hunger pants and held the hand of my middle child. We walk back to his room. 

I sat on a chair, lited him onto my lap and held him. He snuggles against me and wraps his arms around my neck. 

‘He’s grown taller. He can reach my neck.’ I thought. 

He falls asleep 15 minutes later. It was 8.15pm.

I left the room, gave up reheating the soup and devoured a bowl before resuming the washing. 

It felt like a long day. And when I felt that way, I craved junk food like KFC. 自甘堕落 kinda mood. And I told the husband so. 

‘How about Starbucks instead?’ Hmm I considered a while more before deciding Starbucks would probably be a better option. Le sigh. Bye bye KFC. 

We had a quick chat about Quentin. Caught between the older attention seeker and the baby that needs attention. 

When was the last time we did something he wanted? He is a follower, he tags along. Tags along the curtails of Oliver. We always brush him off. He doesn’t mind that he doesn’t get his choice. He gets distracted by his brother before he can even make a decision. Yet he hs made to be a big brother to Sarah and give way to her’

Ahhh..we suck at parenting. The hubby felt bad for yelling at him. I felt bad that I did not make him feel significant. So easily slighted. 

Hubby & I finally get a chance to talk shop tonight. For 2 hours and we managed to only cover 3 points. WTH. How to finish in time? 

The other night, 

‘You’re amazing’ he says, after I told him off for not listening and why I have so much things on my mind. I rattle off the things to do, what Oliver needs to do for school, dates, doctors appointments. He stares at me as I go on. 

‘What?’ I asked. 

‘Love you.’ He said. I gave him a deadpan look. 

‘Must tell the boys to really find the right woman to marry.’ He continued. 

‘Doesn’t mean I have to keep doing the washing hor!!!’

‘Okok, I wash’  Yaaaay! Win some for now. 

Later that evening, I was still feeling a little moody. So decided to throw caution to the wind and jioed some girls out for drinks tonight (Starbucks alcohol involved). Mad random. Hubby gave me an incredulous look. 

‘You say I can go out one hor!!’

‘I know, I’m not saying you cannot go but why so random??’ hubby knowing I sian so come home earlier, said hi to the kids and snuck into the kitchen to give me a hug. Then after I ranted to him why I damn sian, he asked if I wanted the kids to say sorry. also him entertaining all 3 kids whilst I check out where I could meet my girlfriends for desserts till late. 

Love.. is also him washing all the dishes in the sink..cos he bth the kids jumping on him and his balls so he needs an excuse. He said at this rate, confirm no more kids. Sarah on my left thigh, Quenin on my right thigh, Oliver on both my knees and we had a group hug. watching Sarah snuggle between her brothers in that hug, cooing and chortling. 

My heart is full.

But bring on them Starbucks drinks and bitch sesh!

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adulting: age is just a number?

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almost a month ago, I turned 35. There I said it.

to be honest, it feels weird to say that I am 35. I often joke to my younger friends that I feel older. But then again, I..don’t really feel 35. I do feel younger (denial much..haha). Donald is older than maybe that’s why I always feel younger, so yay!

Then heck..I have 3 of these and they remind me every day that I am old.

my jazz band

Not verbally, but the aches and pains that I feel. To think about it..I have been babywearing my kids full on for the past..5 years or so. My knees are going to give out soon man. I get frequent backaches and I see a chiropractor for my neck and lower back pain. Donald is in a better shape than me, err aches and pains wise. Not figure =P

Big shoutout to my chiropractor, Dr Richard Kissun at Kissun Chiropractic! You can contact them at 6243 2191 for a consult.

Just put Sarah to bed..and the thoughts that ran through my mind were..

should I fold the laundry now? about 4 loads on the laundry chair now.
i should go clear the stuff outside now. drats, the dining table looks horribly messy again. let’s see what I can clear.
oh hang on, empty the tub, then clear the dining table.
i’m so sleepy tho. maybe I should sleep early. but Sarah’s asleep now..if I don’t do this now, I won’t get any done tomorrow. dammit.
oh drats, we haven’t helped Quentin with his school project. And it’s almost the end of the school term.
…homework, remind me to ask Oliver about his homework tomorrow.
…accounts, I think I’ll start tomorrow. I need sleep.
oh CRAP. I still haven’t booked Sarah’s 9 mth appointment at the polyclinic. 

Deciding to sleep..doesn’t end my train of thought. It goes on, as though I needed constant reminders to myself before I commit them to memory. My memory is the shits now. I have notes written everywhere..just in case.

Cos you brain is trying to remember many things sequentially and my husband tells me to stop multi-tasking. Riiiight. I thought I might try and write down what exactly that I’m reminding myself and I gave up. I don’t even know where or how to begin hahaha.

So..Donald and I spent this arvo..adulting. Latest buzzword leh, adulting. I’m no millenial (or am I? dammit, 1982, counted anot ah?). We decided to be good parents, and good husband and wife, and tidy up some admin work for the 5 lives in this household.

A few years back, Donald and I did our wills at my insistence. We are parents, and I felt that we needed to be prepared for the worst at any time. It is a morbid and emotional process, but it had to be done. It made us sit down and think about the people around us, and who we could really depend on. We needed to pick the right people who believed in our values and would act in our interest, to be the guardians for the children. Moments like this, you truly realise who are the ones you can depend on.

The will is but just one tool to protect the kids. We had to write down a list of everything we owned, the details and the access. I was about to get Donald to write down a simple list and I would type it out. Surprisingly, he said that we should write it by hand.


A digital copy leaves room for hacking and amendments, making it vulnerable. Unless there is gonna be someone who can imitate Donald’s chicken scratchy handwriting, I think having it handwritten makes it safer.

The lengths we go to to make things easier to process in the event we pass away. Make me feel…so grown up and responsible. Wah lao.

Then I tidied up our insurance policies and did up a payment schedule so that we could see how poor we’d get at certain months. It’s like really damn poor lah!! But argh..coverage..and protection so that we don’t burden anyone around us. T_T so much expenses.

Btw, if you are looking for an NTUC Income agent, please look for Kenneth Han. I swear by him cos if not for him, I would not have ever learnt about using my child’s Medisave for hospitalisation plan premiums! I also wouldn’t have learnt about the new Maternity 360 standalone plan for pregnancy too but wah lao, it like came too late lor. People give birth liao, then come up with this policy. Previously they had a Ladies Rider for hospitalisation plan but I wasn’t with them for my hospitalisation. Oh wells..wasted. But yes, he is my go-to guy when I got any insurance related questions, even plans not by Income. Hahaha I think he very boh eng when I keep asking him about maternity or kids related stuff. #notasponsoredadhor #realtruth

After done with insurance..then I had to check my poor bank balance. I’m a low risk taker, so means I would rather keep my money in the bank. I would keep the money under my mattress lar, but no interest, so next is to put it in the bank lor. I know nuts about investments and don’t think I am willing to do so. Had to start thinking about saving for the kids’ education!

T_T As the kids grow older..that’s where the expenses really start racking up man.

Been trying to squeeze as much out of ah kong as possible, being in the sandwiched class. You know..not poor enough to get more subsidies (ie. CHAS), but at the bottom of the next benchmark. Kua kua. But hey, we cool okay. Just manage within our means lor.

So what we’ve squeezed so far is from CDA and Medisave grants. Quentin’s racked up quite a bit of medical bills which we used his CDA to pay for (when we didn’t know about the Medisave grant yet), so there isn’t much left to pay for school fees..until jeng jeng jeng jeng! Can tap into Sarah’s CDA to pay for school fees too! Phew. That is effectively give us 50% discount on school feels liao. Thankyouberrymuch, ah kong! I only knew that we could use sibling’s CDA to pay for medical fees, didn’t know it applied to school fees too. Err, thank you Sarah hor.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I made the husband relook at his tax submission cos I realised that there was so much we could claim as a tax deductible. Parenthood tax rebate, insurance tax rebate, Qualifying Child Relief, Working Mother’s Child Relief (er, not me lah..not yet but one day!). Can claim quite a fair bit leh. Sure as hell bring me back to the days where I would scrutinise my tax and try as reduce my taxes cos I was a poor student in Australia. Very painful to pay AUD$8k in taxes. So very very thankful for low tax rates in SG.

Man..we are only 5.5 years into being parents..I think the real deal is starting soon. Next year, we’ll say hello to textbooks, uniforms and stationery.

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