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Shortly after I completed the review of the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Breast Pump, I was offered another opportunity to test out a breast pump by the latest entrant into the Singapore market, Unimom: the Forte# Double Breast Pump.

Hell yeah! Call me the “breast pump lady” man..(says the husband).

The Forte# is a hospital grade electric double breast pump and is made in Korea. Now, I do own a “modified” double breast pump (I’ll write about that one another day) so I had certain levels of expectations for double breast pumps. On the other hand, the one I owned is not of a hospital grade, so that definitely piqued my curiousity of what the term “hospital grade” meant.

Donald collected the kit on his way home from work since it was difficult for me to lug two kids along with me, not knowing how big/small the box was going to be. Thankfully both kids were asleep when he brought it home. I eagerly pounced on it and was surprised at the weight of the bigger of the two boxes. How heavy was this thing??

Unimom's Electric Double Breast Pump & Switch Kit

Unimom’s Electric Double Breast Pump & Switch Kit

So in the bag was two boxes, the Forte# Electric Double Breast Pump, and a Switch Kit. The Switch Kit allows you to convert the electric pump into a manual pump. Who in the world would want to use a manual pump when you have an electric one?? Okay..desperate times calls for desperate measures. We still put it to the test but more on that later.

To be honest, when I first opened the box for the breast pump, I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of pieces inside the box. This presentation was a little unlike my other two pumps where you would have a tray with pieces and parts lying nicely. The parts of the Forte# came individually packed in zipped storage bags. The more I unpacked the more overwhelmed I was, considering the manual came in a brochure/pamphlet liked format. Yikes!

The pieces involved in the the box.

The pieces involved in the the box.

Okay..calm down. One step at a time. I’m sure we can do this. So here goes to slowly figuring out the pieces. On first glance, I was a little worried that washing and sterilising the parts were going to be a little  tedious.

the pump set up.

Top to bottom: top cover, large membrane & bottom cover (in one piece), breast shield & silicone massager, white valve and bottle

Now, as the pump comes with a motor and does not allow for the use of batteries to make it more portable, there is an alternative option of buying the Switch Kit to convert it to a manual pump so that you still can bring it out should you need to pump on the go. The Switch Kit did not come with a manual; you pretty much have to depend on the picture on the box to figure out how to set it up. I have not used a manual pump before so it took this “mountain tortoise” a while to figure it out how the pieces fall together.

the Switch Kit to convert the pump to a manual one

the Switch Kit to convert the pump to a manual one

 the manual pump set-up

Top to bottom: Diaphragm cover, handle, silicone diaphragm & stem (in one piece), breast shield & silicone massager, valve.

You see the little hook-like extension on the breast shield? Now you make sure that you hear a click (may be a clack or thwack get the drift) to secure the handle onto the breast shield. There is a little groove under the handle to lock it onto the breast shield. Otherwise the diaphragm cover and whatever that is sitting under it may go flying as I learnt *grumbles*.

After the initial pump, the assembly of the parts didn’t seem as daunting any more. Firstly, as the top cover, large membrane and bottom cover of the electric pump set-up did not come into contact with the expressed milk, there was no need to constantly detach it from the tubes to wash and sterilise them. You could pretty much leave it like this:

post pumping

post expressing

At the same time, unlike the other two pumps I have, the breast shield is one entire piece compared to the funnel & the connector on the Medela Swing, and the silicone cup & the hard valve on the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Single Pump. This was a plus point as I did not constantly have to worry about the parts falling off / getting loose after moving about, nor did I have to wash an extra part!  The other plus point about the design of the breast shield was that due to the angle of the funnel-like area, it would not allow for any pooling of milk as it flows directly into the valve.

breast shield

breast shield

As much as there are pros to the design of the breast shield, there are the downsides to it too. The design meant that I had less one part to wash, but it also meant that it was harder for me to wash some parts of it, mainly the narrow area after the opening of the breast shield. You would probably need to invest in a tiny brush to wash that area.

Although having the breast shield in one piece meant no loosening of parts, it also meant that it was harder for me to use it together with my hands-free breast pump bra. Most people using a double pump would have probably invested in a hands-free breast pump bra for convenience and I am one of them. By having two parts to the breast shield meant that I could insert the funnel into the pump opening in the bra before attaching the connector with the bottle to the funnel. Having the breast shield in one piece meant that I had to put on the bra, and stretch the pump opening in the bra to fit the breast shield through. This could potentially mean more wear and tear on the bra in the long run.

Forte# vs Swing: handsfree breast pump bra

Forte# vs Swing: handsfree breast pump bra

I have tried attaching other brands of milk bottles to the breast shield to see if it would fit. Unfortunately Medela bottles do not fit with this breast shield. There is however a wide cap adaptor available for wide neck bottles like MAM and Avent ones.

Usage / Expressing
Electric option
Now, this pump does not have different settings for let-down reflex and speed/suction. It has just one dial, and you have to figure out what kinda works best for you to trigger the let-down reflex. The speed of the suction also remained constant through the various strength of suction as compared to the longer suction/tug at a higher strength for the Swing post let-down phase.

Let’s just say the Forte# and I had a rocky start, probably because I was new to this dial thing. Not having a let-down phase like the Medela Swing and Tommee Tippee pump kinda threw me off a little.

On my first attempt, I started by turning about 1/3 of the dial. I have to say this silicone massager is a step up from the Tommee Tippee silicone cup. Where the Tommee Tippee silicone cup massages the aerola to express the milk, the Unimom silicone massager actually massages the breast and the aerola to draw out the milk. I could feel it pulsing around my breast to help with the expressing. The expressing was really gentle at 1/3 in, so gentle that it did not seem to express anything at all.

So I turned another 1/3 of the dial. The suction was still very gentle. It could be that I was used to the stronger suction of the Swing, or even the Tommee Tippee pump. Physically, I felt almost as though there was no suction going on, however, visually, I could see the tug of the nipple getting longer. And again, there was still no milk being expressed despite having a full breast on one side. Hrm. I was getting a little disappointed. Still, there was room to move the dial, so I moved it to the maximum. This time round, I could feel the suction and finally it triggered the let-down reflex.

There we go. Phew! It took a while (about 10 minutes) but once you are on the go, it got better. For me, at maximum, the pump triggered my let-down reflex a couple of times, which meant a fairly good flow of milk being expressed. All this and without the pain of a strong suction. I was comfortable through the entire 20-minute session. I was able to see the milk being expressed and the milk dripping out of the valve into the bottle.

By my fifth attempt, I figured to go in straight at 2/3 of the dial to trigger the let-down of milk. It worked. Different people need different suction strength to trigger the let-down and for me, because I was used to the strong suction of the Swing, I had to start off with a fairly strong suction before I get the let-down. A friend who is a working mom had mentioned that for her, a pump that could trigger a let-down quickly is a major plus point for her because waiting for the let-down means being away from her workstation for a longer time. So I guess it really boils down to figuring out what works for you.

Expressing subsequently got smoother for me and hey, I think both the Forte# and I are pretty good friends now eh? I wouldn’t say best friends only because the design of the breast shield is being a little brutal to my handsfree breast pump bra.

Having the silicone massager around the breast also assisted in expressing more milk in my opinion. I usually express about 100ml for the first pump of the day, however the Forte# yielded 120ml. Hey, an extra 20ml is still an extra 20ml. We all know how precious breastmilk is!

One thing I didn’t like about the silicone massager was that, unlike the Tommee Tippee silicone cup which was sealed around both ends of the funnel, this was just cupped around the opening. Which meant that milk would seep between the silicone massager and the breast shield (see how short the silicone massager is). It would then leak out if the pressure between the shield and the breast was lessened. Also because of the design of the shield, removing it out of the handsfree breast pump bra was more difficult and I had to reach inside to wipe off milk that had pooled on the silicone massager so it wouldn’t leak onto the bra/top/pants.

The motor, whether a low strength or high strength, is ridiculously quiet. Almost like white noise. Even the husband was impressed at how quiet it was. The Swing at high strength does sound as though it is straining.

Manual option
Again, I have never used a manual pump before. I have a couple of friends who used one; one said she got nothing out of it, the other was using it all squeaky (I could hear the squeak of each pump!) and when she emerged from her room, the output looked miserable. Not a very good impression obviously.

So when I finally gave it a shot, I wasn’t expecting much. When I started depressing the handle, I could feel the suction. However, I lost the suction 5 depressions in. The top cover had loosened and was not making a tight seal. It wasn’t until a couple of uses later that I realised the diaphragm had to be “locked” around the edges of the breast shield in order to form a tight seal, kinda like how the silicone massager sits on the breast shield. Once the diaphragm sits snugly on the breast shield, I could pretty much pump with one hand, or if the breast has softened after it has almost emptied, I would use another hand to press the breast shield against the breast so as to ensure a tight seal around the breast.

the seal between the breast shield and the top cover

the seal between the breast shield and the top cover

Having said that, once I got that issue out of the way, manual pumping was actually a breeze. Because I could control how fast/slow I could depress the pump, it triggered milk let-down fairly quickly. I was able to express 100ml in about 15 minutes. Having to constantly depress the handle for 15 mins also didn’t tire my hand out as I thought it would.

how far I needed to depress the handle for expressing

how far I needed to depress the handle for expressing

The pump set comes with two bottles, bottle covers, teats, caps and disks. This makes is really convenient as it works as both a milk bottle and a breastmilk storage bottle. The teat is also designed to fit any standard neck size bottle. I tried the milk bottles on QT twice; once fed with by my mom and another by me. Both of us decided that we (including QT) didn’t like the bottle. For me, there wasn’t a valve that allowed air to escape whilst QT was drinking, which meant that he would just keep sucking and it would get to a point where he would have difficulties sucking because of the pressure inside the bottle when no air was going in. I would have to pull the bottle out, allow air to enter the bottle before resuming the feed.

And some of us moms know that when you interrupt the feed sometimes, it is hard to get the baby to resume the feed. Argh. So major negative point for me.

Bottle stand
The pump set comes with two bottle stands, which is a godsend. Sometimes the amount of milk I express is not enough to counter-balance the weight of the breast shield and the bottle tips over. Argh. I can manage with a single pump, but when it comes to two bottles, I am not taking any chances with spillage of milk. The bottle stands are fairly deep so it holds the bottles snugly and you don’t have to worry about it tipping over.



Can I use a microwave steriliser to sterilise the parts?
Yes, the parts are microwave safe. The silicone massager may deform slightly when heated, however upon cooling, it will return to its original shape. 

Where can I find the Unimom Forte# Electric Double Breast Pump?
The Unimom Forte# can be found at the following retail outlets: Mothercare, Kiddy Palace, Pupsik Studio & Smart Little One

How much is the Unimom Forte#?
The Unimom Forte# is retailing for S$299, and the Switch Kit is retailing for S$19.90. Currently, there is an ongoing promotion where you can get a Unimom Forte# bundle at S$249 consisting of the following items: the Forte#, Switch Kit, Cooler Bag with 5 bottles & 2 ice packs included, and 25 pcs of breast milk storage bag

Are the parts to the Unimom Forte# replaceable and where can I find the parts?

You can replace the parts at Not Too Big, a retail outlet and service centre for Unimom products. Not Too Big is located at Forum Level 2 and is open from 9.30am -6pm.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set of the Unimom Forte# from Mothercare to write this review. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible.

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  1. double breast pumps

    I found you blog on Unimom Forte# Double Breast Pump page.Find more details about, Breast Pumps Reviews. Reading Breast Pumps buying guides, Price Comparion and Customer Reviews

  2. Hi there! I saw from your post that you have used a few breast pumps now! What do you think worked best for you? I’m currently using the Tommee tippee one but as it is a single pump, it can get tiring for me to use and then switch to the next breast, especially in the middle of the night. I’m interested in the double pumps but not sure if whether to get the unimom or the medela one! Which would you recommend? I’m a first time mum. Also depressed about not having much milk but still trying to continue with expressing it! 🙂

    • Hi Amber!

      I’ve sent you an email! =)

      • Hello. I have the same question as amber. Can u forward me the email u gave to amber. Ur post really hekping

        • hi huda,

          I have forwarded the email to you. And also I will be reviewing a Pigeon breastpump this month so stay tuned!

      • Hi there, Can you help me too? Which is better? Tommee Tippee or Unimom

        • Hi Zehra,

          In my opinion, the double pump is definitely always better than a single pump! Hope the info helps =)

  3. Hi! Would you be kind enough to share with me your recommendation on which pump you think is the best of those you have reviewed? I’m currently using a hand me down Medela Swing but thinking of getting a double pump instead and hopefully continue to breastfeed even when I’m back to work. I’m still trying to get as much milk supply as possible.

    • Hi Alicia, at present, with two kids, I have been using the Unimom manual pump because it allows me to move around the house. As you are going back to work, I would actually suggest that you keep the Medela Swing for portability purposes. I have actually modified my Swing into a double pump. You can try this way, with a Maymom Tubing Set, or this way (my cheapie option) This method still allows me to pump as efficiently as when I was using it as a single. Of course then you would have to invest in a hands free bra.

      Comfort wise, the Unimom wins hands down. But as you are going back to work, if you want to have the flexibility to switch between a single and a double, AND still cart the pump to & fro work, the Medela would probably be better.

      Hope the info helps!

      • Would modifying the medela swing from single to double pumps cause damage to the interior parts? Just wondering… How long have u been using the swing in this way?

        • Hi Venus,

          Sorry I missed your comment earlier!

          To be honest, I don’t think I have used it long enough as a double pump to see any ‘damage’ done to it. I do feel that it is louder as a result of the higher suction to compensate for both sides, to the point that it is straining. I used it as a double pump probably for about 2 months and haven’t seen a dip in performance. If you are thinking of using it for long term, I would definitely recommend getting a proper double pump than modifying the Swing!

  4. Hi,

    I am going to purchase a breastpump but do not know where to start from. Understand the manual pump is a little tedious, so i’m thinking to buy double electric breast pump. Which will you recommend? In terms of noise, comfort, travelling purposes (as i will be returning to work after that) and price?

    Thank you for your advise.

    • Hi Michelle!

      A double pump is a great way to save time. As you would be going back to work, a couple of questions to consider before you make a choice. There are two types of double pumps with different kind of efficiency.
      1) hospital grade (motor is heavier, pump efficiency better, is quieter, needs power supply); &
      2) portable double pump (motor is light, pump efficiency average, is noiser and usually allows for battery power).

      If you are planning to cart your pump to and fro via public transport, then the portable one would probably be a better option as it is lighter and takes less space. For example, the Unimom motor is heavier and bigger than the Medela Swing Maxi. The Medela PISA requires a backpack! But the noise is fairly low. Usually if you have a room to yourself at work to pump, the noise factor can be negligible. The Medela swing is easier to cart around and you also have to bear in mind the additional bag of milk that you are carrying too.

      Based on the pumps I have used, I would think the Medela Swing Maxi would be a suitable choice for portability. Hope the info helps!

  5. I am first time mom. I am considering whether I should buy Avent or Tommee electric breast pump? Besides, if I decided to buy Tommee breast pump, is it advisable to buy all other Tommee products such as baby bottle, steriliser, warmer and etc? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Crystal,

      As I have not tried the Avent, I cannot advise you on that. For the Tommee Tippee range of products, both my kids enjoyed using their bottles so having the Single Electric pump was brillant. The Tommee Tippee has so many accessories to complement their breastpumps, like the storage lids, milk pots for easier smaller storage, bottle warmer bag and travel warmer (have not used their bottle warmer so cannot advise).

      I personally found it easier to pump into the bottles directly and use their storage lids to cover and store in the freezer for next use. When I needed it, all I needed to do was to remove lid and cap on teat. I also use their microwave steriliser which has compartments for different parts of the bottle which makes a little tidier. Also a travel hot water flask with a cover that doubles up as a container for you to warm a bottle up anywhere.

      It would be nice to get the accessories but if you have other products that may suit you better (price wise or other), you don’t have to get Tommee Tippee accessories. You can check out Amazon for Tommee Tippee accessories. I found them to be half the price that is selling in SG. Furthermore, it is free shipping for purchases above USD$125!

      Good luck!

  6. Hi

    May I know which brand double breast pump is better?

    • Hi Irene,

      At present, between Medela and Unimom, I would say go with the Unimom for comfort and quiet. However, having said that, I’ve tried the Pigeon Electric Pro and it blends both the Medela and Unimom into one. According to Pigeon, they will be coming up with a double pump for the Electric Pro, so if the mechanisms of the double is the same as the single, I would say go for the Pigeon. You can read my review about the Pigeon Electric Pro here :

      Hope it helps!

  7. Hi there

    I am first time mom, and would like to hear more feedback about double electric pump, comparison between medela freestyle vs unimom double pump hospital grade vs spectra M1 if you ever tried them.. I need as portable as possible for office usage, but in the same time giving me enough comfort and milk. Initially I thought of medela freestyle, but due to cost, I am thinking to get unimom or spectra instead. Would you be so kind to advise? TIA! =)

    • Hi Lily,

      unfortunately I have not tried the freestyle and spectra M1 so I cannot comment on that. What I can however advise would be the Unimom Forte and another pump, the Pigeon Electric Pro. Pigeon currently only retails the Pro as a single pump but I understand that there will be a double pump version coming. Not sure when it will actually be released tho. If I had a choice between the Pigeon (based on the single) and the Unimom Forte, I would go for the Pigeon. What I liked about the unimom is that it has silicon covers on the flanges, which is comfortable for me. Having used the Medela intensively for 3 weeks, I had bruises over my breasts so definitely not fun. The unimom is comfortable and quiet, HOWEVER, you will need to figure out your stimulation settings to trigger let down. Whereas the medela would have a stimulation phase and automatically goes into expression after about 2 mins. Portability wise, pros and cons for both. I find the motor for the Unimom portable but it is heavy. Pump parts for both the medela and unimom look comparable so it really boils down to where and how you intend to pump. Unimom is less fiddly in terms of pump settings. All you have is a dial. Maybe speak to a retailer about the spectra and use the above points I mentioned to compare. If you are keen to try, I can rent you the unimom to give it a shot before you buy a set. At least you would know if it works for you =)

  8. Hi mama,
    Just wonder if you have ever try unimom allegro. I’m an EP mom and looking for a spare pump. I already have in hand S1 as well as lacte duet . .Both work excellent.
    Thus looking for a spare which is more portable and has battery built in. Appreciate your advice .
    Many thanks ya.

    • Hi njammal,

      Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to try the Unimom Allegro. If you are looking for a more portable pump, you can check out the Pigeon Electric Portable. (see review here: It is super compact and can run on both electricity or batteries. It is the most portable pump I have seen in the market, and I love it. Suction is not compromised. Hope the information helps!


  9. Hello!

    I’m a first time mom-to-be and I’d like to hear more feedback on which breast pump you recommend. I dont mind a single or double breast pump just as long as it’s running on electricity or battery operated. My husband and I are looking at Unimom and Medela now, and we heard not-very-good reviews on them. Thanks in advance!! <3

    • Hi Yana,

      Medela is one of the brands that come to mind when one is a first time parent. And having tried a few other brands of pumps, I am sad to say Medela is getting to be overrated. It is still a good pump! But there are better ones out there for the price you pay for a Medela. The Unimom forte I tried, in terms of suction, is fantastic. It is also comfortable but my grief is that portability is an issue cos the motor is heavy and you don’t get to use batteries with it. Medela Swing is portable but it is a little noisy and there are many parts to carry around. So far, of all I tried, I am pretty impressed with the Pigeon pumps. You can check out the review I did for them. Unfortunately they don’t have a double pump yet, which I would definitely be looking out for! For portable double pumps you might want to check out spectra pumps. I am not too familiar with those pumps but they seem quite pretty popular for mums who pump at work. Hope the information helps!

  10. Hi there, would you be able to advise which breast pump you find is most gentle and able to empty breast. Had been pumping strawberry milk sincce using a new pump, so wanted to change to one that is gentle n effective.

    • hi!

      amongst the pumps I have tried, I would have to say either the Unimom forte or the Pigeon Electric Pro. Both gives me the flexibility to adjust the suction/speed to my comfort level, without going to the extreme ends. The Unimom has a dial which allows you to gradually increase the suction. The massager does help in letting down the milk. The Pigeon has various settings (up to 28 types of settings) so you can have a gentler but fast suction so it doesn’t cause too much pain. Again, this is entirely based on my own experience, so I hope this helps you in some way! There are some places that allows rental of pumps so you may wish to give it a shot before you purchase the pumps.

  11. Thanks for this! I was led here when searching on whether I could sterilize the rubber parts of the unimom forte.

    Qn: when I use the breast shields, it seemed my nipples r like being squashed coz no space… Do u have that problem?? Also with milk seeping between. The shield and pump funnel – how do u minimize that?? It feels like milk wastage 🙁

    I’m still figuring out the best settings for my forte so still not reaping the full benefit of it yet 🙁 (I’m previously a Medela freestyle user and loved it but got another pump to try so I dun have to carry pumps to and from work…)

    • Hi Jess, yes I do have the problem with milk seeping between the shield and pump funnel. I emailed the distributor about it and was told that the shields were made longer (i.e., goes into the funnel a bit more) so the leakage problem should be resolved. I haven’t had a chance to use the newer shields, so I would not be able to comment on that. But what I tried to do was to lean forward a little so that it would not have a chance to pool around the breast shield. As for the problem with your nipples being squashed, I didn’t face that problem (probably because boobs too small =( ). It could be a breast size vs breast shield size issue. You will need to contact your retailer to see if you can get a larger breast shield. Don’t give up on the forte! It really does need a little of fiddling around before you get the best out of it. Maybe put some markings around the dial so you know how far you can go?

      • Thanks for ur reply! 5th day of trying forte…abt 10 times trying and 1 time success (and that is pumping only one side. Haha. Coz doing both sides tog was a bit struggle to find a good fit with hands stuck to support the device. @__@

        Will keep at this for a while since I dun want t waste it.. Haha. Else will have to fall back on my Medela.

        Have u tried freemie cups? Any thoughts?

        • aiieee, using your hands to hold the bottles?? Why not invest in a hands free bra? That’d save you a lot of holding! hehe

          • Yes! Ordered and waiting for it to come. Lol!!! I could manage my Medela double with one hand so didn’t order last time.. But this unimom one cannot ah… Haha. Let’s see how it works out …

  12. Hi,
    I chanced upon this blog entry of yours when I searched for reviews on the Unimom Forte. I am a first-time mom to a 3-week-old boy and have been using a Spectra M1 pump for the past fortnight. I do not actually know if the flanges/ breast shields are of the appropriate size and if the M1 is the pump for me as my yield is really low (I have had to supplement with FM). Wondered if the Forte is a good buy? From the pictures, the pump looks quite big and I suppose, not that portable. Would really appreciate honest feedback if you can spare the time. Thanks a lot.

  13. Hi,

    I had just emailed you. I also wonder, between the Unimom Forte and Tommee Tippee pump, which did you prefer? Thanks again.

  14. Recently I just bought the unimom forte double breast pump. I love the breast pump. Totally worth it. But I notice that after I done with the pumping, when I want to switch off the pump, there is slight “electric lightining” behind the on/off button. Have you face this problem with your pump? Sometime I am quite scared to turn off the pump because I scare I will electrocuted. I face this problem from the first time I use this pump. Kindly please advise. Thank you in advance

    • Hi Crystal,

      That flash is not supposed to happen. I would advise you bring it back to the retailer that you bought it from and have it serviced or replaced!

  15. Dear enitsuj,
    I am having my second boy I have been using ameda pump since the first one but I realised as I am pumping with this pump I realised that this pump causing me blocked ducts these days , which I couldn’t figure out why

    I was wondering whether I should continue to try out for a few times or invest another one but my baby is already 2 months old and I only intended to pump until he is 6 months old
    Any advice ?

    • Hi Hui Min!

      Not sure if I am the right person to answer this question. Considering that you only to intend to pump till he is 6mo, it might not make sense to invest in another pump. But obviously we don’t want the blocked ducts to develop into mastitis one day! Is there a way you can try to massage your breasts before pumping just to get it going? Alternative, you could get your boy to latch when there is a blockage. The kid’s suction works so much better in clearing blocked ducts than any pump!