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Ollie all ready for his ride

Ollie all ready for his ride

It all started after D left her bicycle at my place for a couple of days, and after my mom got a child bike seat installed on one of the spare bikes she has, and after my sister took Ollie out on a couple of rides on said spare bike, that Donald decided it was time for him to spend some outdoor time with Ollie on the weekends.

Pros: it gets the two boys out of my way and give me some peace and quiet on the weekend. Ohhhh blessed peace and quiet. No interruptions to do household chores whatsoever. Sad..I know. I don’t sleep in. I just end up finishing my chores faster. Haha.

Donald already had his eye out for a bicycle he tested at a neighbourhood bike shop and was considering some options of child bike seats for the bike. We regularly see residents in the neighbourhood using the standard child bike seats in Singapore.

Standard Child Bike Seat sold in SG

Standard Child Bike Seat sold in SG

Donald wasn’t too keen on having Ollie seated at the back, cos it meant he didn’t know what was going on behind and it was hard to talk and explain to Ollie what was going on in front. Ollie also only had a limited view. When I went to enquire about putting the child bike seat in front, the shop owner then explained that we may not be able to fix the child seat in front depending on the structure of the bike. The child bike seat was to be affixed under the rider’s seat below a horizontal bar across the bike. The bar would also act as a support for the child bike seat.

Then Donald discovered other two makes of child bike seats available in Singapore, Yepp and Ibert. I personally didn’t like the feel of the Ibert. I felt the back was too low for Ollie at this age and he didn’t need such long leg supports anyway. Donald liked either because they were attached to the stem of the handlebars instead, which meant better control and  centre of gravity for rider. He also preferred that the seat belts were on the side rather than looped over the head (two clips instead of one clip). Me? I’ll pass on the technical and go straight for the aesthetics. Haha.

So off to the shops we went and checked out the Yepp Mini one late evening. I personally felt that the Yepp was made of a softer rubber foam-like material than the grey plasticky ones from the neighbourhood shops. It seemed to have more support for Ollie as it curved around his body. There were holes in the seat as well so his back would be well ventilated. The Yepp is also attached to the stem of the handle bar and had a more leaner, cleaner structure. As it was affixed higher than the grey child bike seat, I wouldn’t have to worry about hitting the Yepp when I am riding. It also meant that we could attach a small bike bag under the seat to put some snacks for Ollie without trying to stuff everything into the tiny space that Donald’s Camelbak would allow. Haha.

We bought our Yepp from Cycle Craft at 282 East Coast Road. We also managed to find a helmet to fit Ollie perfectly. He loves it and knows that when we take it out, it means it’s time for him to go for a ride! Cool thing about the helmet was that it comes with blinking lights at the back. Perfect for when we upgrade him to sit at the back, probably when we get the Yepp Maxi Child Seat.

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