times like this

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who would have thought I would have so much time to blog now, under such dire circumstances. Bleh.

it is times like this that I am a little more pensive, a little more emotional. There is nothing much to do except to sit around, wait for doctors to come by with results, watch the monster sleep, cuddle the monster, feed the monster.

it is times like this where it feels Donald and I are leading separate lives, each of us dealing with the needs of each kid that we are handling. And it is a feeling that I detest. I always want my boys and I to be together.

I miss Ollie. I miss Donald.

I can’t wait for the weekend. Hopefully QT will be discharged then and we’ll get to spend the weekend together.

times like this where I am holding QT to nurse and I look at the stupid splint on his right arm, wondering how much it would have hurt him when they inserted the cannula into his arm. Necessary evil for the iv antibiotics.

times like this where Donald knows I need my dose of “mummy-ness” from Ollie and he sends an audio file over via WhatsApp with Ollie saying “Good night mummy. I love you”. Major heartmelt.

So far the doctor is saying we should be able to leave by tomorrow arvo. Thankfully this is going to be a shorter stint than when Ollie had UTI. Hopefully!!

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