two days down

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it’s been an utterly lazy two days..the kind that I could definitely get used to.

gluttony & sloth. that’s what Donald and I have been indulging in for the past two days. food, massages and shopping. well, more shopping for me. =P

we spent some time doing up abit of our home, putting up the photo canvas in the bedroom, some wall stickers on the glass toilet door for our ensuite. I can foresee more things to be done for our home! more wall stickers. And it’s all Avi’s fault. *grin*

Yesterday was spent winding down, and going for a spa treatment in town with Donald. Was good to get all the tension out of those shoulders..but the massage was a tad painful! It was a good kind of pain if you get what I mean. This was then followed by a mad seafood..lunch+dinner to satiate a crab craving. We went to Red House at East Coast Park at about 3.30pm, and pigged out big time. We didn’t even have any other food for the rest of the day. That’ll put any crab craving away for the next 10 years. (yeah right =P)

went to Tekka Marketing this morning and the market is awesome! There were so many goodies at the market. I got some sand ginger for a chicken dish that I was dying to try, some pomegranate seeds, blueberries, some loose salad leaves. We had a heavy breakfast..and I washed it down with a chendol drink…which was a bad idea. Urgh. But I foresee more trips to Tekka for some goodies like buah keluak. I will attempt to cook it one day!

We were supposed to have another spa session this afternoon..but apparently it was suitable for my eczema. -_-” what a wasted trip down. well, not really when I managed to squeeze some shopping in, and then collect free tickets to Universal Studios from my aunt. Yay!..which means I’ll have to take the Battlestar Galactica. -_-”  and i’ll do it with my eyes closed! haha. But I’m stoked to be going to Universal Studios! *beams* I’m such a kid. hehe.

Well, more gluttony tomorrow, meeting my parents for hi-tea for The Regent Hotel. *burp* more food goodness. And then..mahjong! off with more debauchery.


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