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Oliver and I have this morning ritual going on, whereby he would join me in bed at about 6.30am in the morning, and we would have a nice nap till about 8am, and then it’s playtime. Playtime would be me talking to him, him coo-ing, and a 30 min phototaking session, resulting in multitudes of photos like these:

morning snapshots

Sometimes I am just pretty amazed at how good-natured he is. He has learnt to recognise the mobile phone, and when he sees it, he will automatically smile. One of those wide, toothless smiles that makes me laugh and melt at the same time. I have also recently started propping him up to sit on his own. The look on his face when he first experienced it was priceless, somewhat in between awe and glee.

*sigh* I wish he wouldn’t grow so quickly, but yet I can’t wait for him to start talking and running around. Heh. And I don’t think the photos and videos that I have been taking will be enough to cannonise the moment in time. I’m going to end up being one of those parent that will gush over everything their kid does. haha. Meh.

Had a “day-off” on Thursday to go out and get pampered. Donald had taken a day off to spend some time with Oliver, whilst I went for a spa session, kindly sponsored by the cord blood bank that we had signed up with for storing Oliver’s cord blood. What was meant to be a massage, extended into a full-scale pamper day, including a facial, brow trimming, foot reflexology, pedicure, & short shopping session (for Oliver, of course. =P). It was awesome to have some me time at my own leisure (minus engorged boobs, thankyewverymuch), and doing the reverse to Donald, by sending him messages asking how things were at home. =P Looked like he was quite busy with Oliver, seeing that Ollie doesn’t take long naps anymore, hehehe *grin*.

Have been reading a book “What to Expect: The First Year” . It’s basically about what to expect in babies on a monthly basis, the development, and it offers suggestions about how parents can deal with infants. One thing that struck me was how I had to learn how to live on Ollie’s schedule and not mine, and when I did take my time with him, I was rewarded with more time. Ollie spent close to an hour sleeping on me late last morning, and he slept easily for most of the arvo as well, giving me time to finish up on all my chores. Phew. Of course, I think that did lead to him staying up a little later than usual last night. Tsk..haha, with eyes as big as marbles way past his bedtime.

Two months. Can’t believe it’s already two months, and I’m also already 2.5 months into my leave, which leaves me with…1.5 mths before I need to go back to work for a day, and then tender my resignation. I had strangers tell me that it’s a shame that I decide to quit after having only one kid, and that I should continue working until I have another. I wouldn’t give up my morning times with Oliver for anything, and it is still the one decision that I am comfortable making, coupled with Donald’s support. I did wonder what life as a stay home mom would be like, and had imagined it to be boring. It is alot of routine, but time flies especially when you use feeding times as a measure. hahah. WTH. Yup. *nods*

Welp, Ollie’s gonna have a day out today. He’s got a pressie being delivered today, and then we will head out to choose a baby monitor, followed by a pressie for his great-grandma, and then dinner celebrating his great-grandma’s 90th birthday.

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