year one

Year One

today is the first day of our second year together being married. it’s been an eventful year.

we were fussing over the weekend what we should do for our first wedding anniversary. we had intended to take a day off from work and spend the time together. Had a thought about it and thought we’d be better off saving the annual leave for a more pratical use (i.e., renovation works and moving). even then we hoped to do something special over the weekend, or rather, on Sunday to commerate the day.

We ended up taking a very lazy approach to it, deciding only the night before. We’d go for a massage, for high-tea and then for a movie, which very quickly became a foot massage, high-tea and movie only if the time permits.

Saturday was spent at my parents’ place, followed by dinner at my paternal grandma’s place. We had an early morning, and we were quite knackered by the arvo. I had baked a somewhat failed chiffon cake haha. Well, I got the taste correct, but the batter overflowed and it looked like a massive muffin, before deflating when it cooled. BAH. At least it tasted fine. =D

Then we were on a mission to find and choose a card for Donald to write me. It had to be the right card that reflected our characters and the things that we do together. You know, like how you go shopping, it had to be the right piece of clothing before you bought it? and at the right moment?

something like that.

We were looking around for a while, for the shop that I bought my card from. I had wanted us to have each other identical cards. And for the life of me, I couldn’t find the shop! GAAH. At least we found a really quirky card in another shop. It was from the same series as my birthday card. So it was all good. heh

Sunday was really spent lazily. We woke up early surprisingly, and then was out of the house by 11am. Had a decent 45min foot massage before heading off for our high-tea where we ate for about 3.5 hours, slowly and talked. Based on a recommendation on a food blogger’s website, we made a reservation at The Lounge at The Regent Singapore. We saw the spread and was a little worried about it. At SGD42++, it sure didn’t look like a lot. We popped over to The Traders Hotel next door to check the spread, and although there was a lot more to eat, the buffet ends at 3pm, which meant that we only had 1.5 hours to eat. It was also SGD$7 more expensive. So it was back to The Regent Singapore.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad =D The dessert spread was awesome tho. hehe. (I’m all for dessert!).


But it was the talking that I enjoyed more. You know, the kind of chats that you can have when there are no distractions. And the kind of chats that you have where you can talk about anything and everything. *beams* And that makes me happy and contented.

So, to Mr. Ting, here’s to the many firsts of the many years ahead we have together. =)

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