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had a craving for cinnamon rolls yesterday. and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

the kind of where you can almost imagine you smell it. *wistful* and I remembered the shop that sold many different kinds of cinnamon rolls, Saint Cinnamon, which is no longer in Singapore. I remembered walking through Wisma Atria and the smell wafting at the entrance towards Wisma outside the Orchard MRT Station.

mmM…so, I started on my mission to find a cinnamon roll recipe. I had baked them once before and they were okay. They’ll satisfy the craving, but not for long cos it just wasn’t the same. Found a recipe on the BBC GoodFood UK website, and I thought this was it. I mean, it’s the GoodFood magazine. Surely I can’t go wrong.

Searched a little more, and came across a forum for Singaporeans who had a passion for baking bread, whether by hand or using the breadmachine. I was up till 2am reading the various posts, and advice on how to improve the texture of certain kinds of bread *impressed*. It was quite a good read. Made me feel really amateur about my baking and cooking (I don’t even trial and test in an organised way, more like a hit and miss kinda testing).

Anyways, I came across a link to a blog via the forum, Happy Home Baking, had a look around, and then ah-hah!, saw a recipe for cinnamon rolls that I could be very happy with. Bookmarked it, and tried it out this morning.

Pasta for Lunch, Cinnamon Rolls for Desert

ohhh boy. Talk about addictive. I deliberately had a small bowl of pasta, so that I could have some room for dessert (you know, all that multiple small meals thing). But it was soooo good (i.e., not too sweet, but gorgeously fluffy) we finished about half of the rolls between Donald, my in-laws and myself. And I made about 20 rolls! Yikes.

It definitely would be something that I would be happy to bake again. But I’d have to be really creative about the flavours. This time, I made:

1) double chocolate chip (milk & white);
2) raisins & walnut; and
3) plain

I’ve got some dried fruit in the fridge, so would be interesting to see how it turns out. Maybe try some with lavender flowers or matcha flavouring. mmM..

Right. Off to sneak a nap in. Only had 5 hours of sleep last night. *yawn*

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c is for cookie

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we had a couple of long weekends, and I went on a baking frenzy. Tried a low fat lemon tart, and then a massive batch of cookies. the feeling was awesome. btw, the darker cookies are not chocolate cookies..but somewhat burnt cookies. haha. I forgot about the cookies when I took a friend on a tour around the house. DOH.

Lemon tart was really…tart. The citrus taste was biting, but yet the crust sorta balanced it all out. The recipe called for light sour cream rather than cream so that could have been the reason why it was so tart.

The cookies was sweet. I actually cringed at the amount of sugar I poured into the mixing bowl. Then again, I had to give the recipe a try before cutting down on the sugar the next time. I think I overdid the chocolate chips too, both white and dark. =P

Looking for something to bake tomorrow..but judging by our schedule, I’ll probably not have enough time to do something. Maybe next week then.

For now, just happy to scour through my magazines and relook at some recipes in a different light. This week, I foresee the use of haloumi. mmMM.

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